Windows 10

Get a sneak peek at Windows 10 reports  In addition to Cortana, a mobile personal assistant, Windows 10 adds many exciting features including Xbox on your PC and the action center, where you can review all your notifications at a glance. Windows also added 3D Hologram – REVIEW Take a look at Windows 10 Do great things … Continue reading Windows 10

Smartphone mobile coupons 35% Better Sales

Smartphone mobile coupons have a customer redemption rate 10 times higher than print coupons reports  Our mobile coupon retail clients get an almost instant jump in revenue with about 35% increase on-average; places like grocery stores, restaurants, fitness stores, auto dealerships, clothing stores and beauty spas adds Director, James Dean. Rise of Digital Coupons … Continue reading Smartphone mobile coupons 35% Better Sales

Google 65% Sites Fail New Mobile Search Engine Algorithm

Just 35% of websites are “mobile responsive” meeting standards to display correctly on any smart phone (iOS – Android), tablet and wearable technologies like smart watches. Google has announced the search engine algorithm has changed favoring MOBILE sites with rich content media and localized customer fulfillment such as CRM apps. If your website is not … Continue reading Google 65% Sites Fail New Mobile Search Engine Algorithm

Mobile Internet Marketing 2015 reports mobile web data will continue to become more detailed, easier and faster to obtain in 2015. More companies will create new mobile app tools to be “Data Driven” to understand and digest e-commerce data. Spending on mobile data analytics will increase 60% during 2015 reports Cloud computing will achieve optimal business applications. … Continue reading Mobile Internet Marketing 2015

Windows 10 Apps Cortana Audio Search HoloLens VR

Microsoft Windows 10 with its new Cortana voice activated search engine are set for release including DirectX 12, and game DVR reports Insiders at Microsoft tell that Windows 10 is scheduled for release starting in July 2015; as a FREE upgrade for Windows 8.1 and 7 users. One of the biggest new features introduced is Windows … Continue reading Windows 10 Apps Cortana Audio Search HoloLens VR


Facebook just announced mobile VIDEO app called Riff that allows users to create collaborative videos with social media network friends. The app is now available for iOS and Android reports  Facebook’s ‘Riff’ can be shared through Facebook or directly on the web. Josh Miller, Product Manager at Facebook.  With Riff, you can make short videos that you can … Continue reading FACEBOOK VIDEO MOBILE APP

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a mobile Internet smart device connected for social media networking, fitness mobile apps, cell phone services and even news app updates with streaming video capabilities reports  Apple has officially released the watch for sale in store. Wearable mobile technology has arrived !  iWatch is a versatile tool that answers the fundamental challenge … Continue reading Apple Watch

Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics by is helping advertisers track the conversion rates and return-on-investment of apps used by consumers. Key stages of mobile app usage by customers is measured from the discovery to download and purchase decisions. Traffic reports show how users engaged your mobile app and what actions they took after using it. Now business … Continue reading Mobile Analytics