95% Click Rate Mobile SMS Text Message Geo-Target Customers

text_message_marketingUsing advanced SMS text message marketing campaigns really targets local consumers driving better sales comments James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

As part of your business website contact form and opt-in mobile Internet marketing programs, always be sure to include a phrase that ‘consumer agrees to receive your updates via text message’ for all the latest business updates, news and discount sales.

Keep in mind, compared to the 1.8 Billion surfing the Internet at any moment, it pales in comparison to the 5.2 Billion MOBILE phone and tablet users that can be accessed 24/7. Mobile video is highly effective.

addicted to mobile phoneiHumanMedia.com reports that 65% of people sleep with their smart phone on and over 58% are ‘addicted’ to checking their mobile phone every hour. About 60% of consumers use smartphones daily to go online for shopping, get news and chat in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest says Mr. Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

Developing your SMS text social networking solution is a great way to build customer loyalty. Customers LOVE IT because they get real-time updates, many times their in the local neighborhood … so text message advertising a highly effective geo-location based retail sales option adds Mr. Dean.

sleep with cell phone on


Join the 32 Million People Controlling $99 Trillion, 42% of Total Global Wealth

Discussing wealth can be a touchy subject for many, particularly those trying to hang-on to it. Today, about 32 million people own more than one million dollars in net worth. But that’s just .7% of the human population on Earth. Yet, they control $99 Trillion USD, almost 42% of total global wealth.

How to Become the Best in Life, Business and Make Money (2)I’ve spent the majority of my life helping to build start-up businesses, a challenge that requires crazy work hours of blood, sweat and tears from my office in Nashville middle Tennessee says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. 

Often people ask me, how they can become a MILLIONAIRE … so I tell them my experience. Stay grounded even during the height of success. It’s a simple way to achieve your dreams. Recognize unique talent and always stay true to your life passions. Be sure to share your success with others … it’s self-perpetuating. Always, seek continuous improvement and better education to succeed. 

“For aspiring entrepreneurs and profit seekers, here’s my advice based on 25-years of business success. Ultimately, the sum of the impact your actions and business has on other people and families will be far greater than any financial rewards. The smartest path to true success in any pursuit is through creating the best value i.e. service, product, skill, art; in the world. It’s a core element most of America is missing today. To become a market leader, the best of the best … like Michael Jordan or Bill Gates, remember they never set out initially to make lots of money. They did it for the ‘love of the game’. To be the best in the world at whatever you do in work and play is how America can regain its MOJO versus fierce global competition. If you accomplish the goal of being the best by creating bleeding-edge innovation that adds value to people’s lives … all the money and financial rewards will come to you naturally says Entrepreneur / Mobile Web Engineer, James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.”

Another important competitive tool to remember, build a work environment that produces creative ideas; ‘Think-OutSide-the-Box’ and associate with positive people. As an entrepreneur time is valuable and there aren’t enough hours in each day, so don’t waste a moment. That’s some genius advice my buddy Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Canva and former evangelist at Apple told me in conversations over the years.

Infographics World Competitiveness Metrics 2014 (CLICK IMAGES BELOW)
Global Top 10
Europe Top 10
Asia-Pacific Top 10
Higher Education & Training Top 10
Infrastructure Top 10
Innovation Top 10
Latin America Top 10
Middle East and North Africa Top 10
Sub-Saharan Africa Top 10
USA – China

Rank Name Net Worth Change Age Source Country of Citizenship
#1 Carlos Slim Helu & family $85.9 B $53.7 M | -0.1% 74 telecom Mexico
#2 Bill Gates $81.6 B $200.8 M | 0.2% 58 Microsoft United States
#3 Warren Buffett $69.3 B $992.2 M | 1.4% 84 Berkshire Hathaway United States
#4 Amancio Ortega $62.6 B $147.8 M | -0.2% 78 retail Spain
#5 Larry Ellison $51.3 B $460.5 M | 0.9% 70 Oracle United States
#6 Charles Koch $43.1 B $0 78 diversified United States
#6 David Koch $43.1 B $0 74 diversified United States
#8 Christy Walton & family $38.3 B $8.1 M 59 Wal-Mart United States
#9 Jim Walton $36.5 B $8.2 M 66 Wal-Mart United States
#10 Liliane Bettencourt & family $36.5 B $314.5 M | 0.9% 91 L’Oreal France
#11 Alice Walton $35.1 B $8.2 M 64 Wal-Mart United States
#12 S. Robson Walton $35.1 B $4 M 70 Wal-Mart United States
#13 Michael Bloomberg $34.8 B $0 72 Bloomberg LP United States
#14 Mark Zuckerberg $33.9 B $243 M | 0.7% 30 Facebook United States
#15 Stefan Persson $33.7 B $314.9 M | 0.9% 66 H&M Sweden

#16 Li Ka-shing $33.5 B $259.8 M | -0.8% 86 diversified Hong Kong
#17 Sheldon Adelson $32.4 B $461.9 M | 1.4% 81 casinos United States
#18 Larry Page $32.2 B $196.9 M | 0.6% 41 Google United States
#19 Bernard Arnault & family $31.8 B $223 M | -0.7% 65 LVMH France
#20 Sergey Brin $31.7 B $192.8 M | 0.6% 41 Google United States
#21 Jeff Bezos $30.1 B $84 M | 0.3% 50 Amazon.com United States
#22 Carl Icahn $26.3 B $201.5 M | 0.8% 78 investments United States
#23 Michele Ferrero & family $26.2 B $0 89 chocolates Italy
#24 David Thomson & family $24.1 B $85.9 M | 0.4% 57 media Canada
#25 George Soros $24 B $0 84 hedge funds United States
#26 Aliko Dangote $23.9 B $1 K 57 cement, sugar, flour Nigeria
#27 Lee Shau Kee $23.2 B $254.4 M | -1.1% 86 diversified Hong Kong
#28 Jorge Paulo Lemann $23.1 B $237.1 M | 1% 75 beer Brazil
#29 Mukesh Ambani $23.1 B $142.2 M | 0.6% 57 petrochemicals, oil & gas India
#30 Forrest Mars Jr $22.6 B $0 83 candy United States

#30 Jacqueline Mars $22.6 B $0 74 candy United States
#32 John Mars $22.6 B $0 78 candy United States
#33 Steve Ballmer $22.4 B $53.3 M | 0.2% 58 Microsoft United States
#34 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud $22 B $149.9 M | 0.7% 59 investments Saudi Arabia
#35 Len Blavatnik $21.7 B $204.3 M | 0.9% 57 diversified United States
#36 Phil Knight $19.9 B $78.2 M | 0.4% 76 Nike United States
#37 Masayoshi Son $19.5 B $357 M | 1.8% 57 internet, telecom Japan
#38 Dieter Schwarz $19.3 B $0 74 retail Germany
#39 Alisher Usmanov $18.9 B $41 M | -0.2% 61 steel & mining, telecom, investments Russia
#40 Leonardo Del Vecchio $18.9 B $80.7 M | -0.4% 79 eyeglasses Italy
#41 Dilip Shanghvi $18 B $330 M | 1.8% 58 pharmaceuticals India
#42 Harold Hamm $18 B $1.5 B | -8.1% 68 oil & gas United States
#43 Theo Albrecht Jr & family $17.9 B $212 K 63 Aldi, Trader Joe’s Germany
#44 Michael Dell $17.7 B $0 49 Dell United States
#45 Michael Otto & family $17.6 B $2.9 M 71 retail, real estate Germany

#46 Charles Ergen $17.2 B $255.9 M | -1.5% 61 Dish Network United States
#47 Mikhail Fridman $17.1 B $73.3 M | -0.4% 50 oil, banking, telecom Russia
#48 Paul Allen $17.1 B $9.7 M | 0.1% 61 Microsoft, investments United States
#49 Gina Rinehart $17 B $0 60 mining Australia
#50 Susanne Klatten $17 B $31.8 M | 0.2% 52 BMW, pharmaceuticals Germany
#51 Tadashi Yanai & family $16.9 B $851.6 M | 5% 65 retail Japan
#52 Viktor Vekselberg $16.7 B $113.5 M | 0.7% 57 metals, energy Russia
#53 Laurene Powell Jobs & family $16.7 B $9.5 M | 0.1% 50 Apple, Disney United States
#54 Azim Premji $16.6 B $434.6 M | 2.6% 69 software India
#55 Luis Carlos Sarmiento $16.6 B $0 81 banking Colombia
#56 Robin Li $16.6 B $678.6 M | 4.1% 45 internet search China
#57 Wang Jianlin $16.5 B $7.6 M 59 real estate China
#58 Pallonji Mistry $16.3 B $562.8 M | 3.5% 85 construction Ireland
#59 Lakshmi Mittal $16.3 B $51.6 M | 0.3% 64 steel India
#60 Anne Cox Chambers $16.2 B $0 94 media United States

#61 Joseph Safra $15.9 B $2.9 M 75 banking Brazil
#62 Lui Che Woo $15.7 B $556.6 M | 3.5% 84 casinos Hong Kong
#63 German Larrea Mota Velasco & family $15.7 B $140.2 M | -0.9% 60 mining Mexico
#64 Ma Huateng $15.5 B $147 M | 0.9% 42 internet media China
#65 Francois Pinault & family $15.5 B $42.4 M | -0.3% 78 retail France
#66 Serge Dassault & family $15.4 B $22.6 M | 0.1% 89 aviation France
#67 Donald Bren $15.3 B $0 82 real estate United States
#68 Ray Dalio $15.2 B $0 65 hedge funds United States
#69 Stefan Quandt $15.2 B $37.1 M | 0.2% 48 BMW Germany
#70 Vladimir Lisin $15 B $113.3 M | -0.8% 58 steel, transport Russia
#71 Thomas & Raymond Kwok & family $14.9 B $20.3 M | 0.1% – real estate Hong Kong
#72 Vladimir Potanin $14.7 B $118.5 M | -0.8% 53 metals Russia
#73 Ronald Perelman $14.5 B $4.9 M 71 leveraged buyouts United States
#74 Leonid Mikhelson $14.5 B $101.6 M | -0.7% 59 gas, chemicals Russia
#75 John Fredriksen $14.3 B $74.2 M | -0.5% 69 shipping Cyprus

#76 Rupert Murdoch & family $14.1 B $102.3 M | 0.7% 83 media United States
#77 Gennady Timchenko $14.1 B $96.1 M | -0.7% 61 oil & gas Russia
#78 Mohammed Al Amoudi $14.1 B $12.8 M | 0.1% 68 oil, diversified Saudi Arabia
#79 Georg Schaeffler $14.1 B $397.2 M | 2.8% 49 ball bearings Germany
#80 Jack Taylor & family $13.9 B $0 92 Enterprise Rent-A-Car United States
#81 Cheng Yu-tung $13.9 B $296.2 M | -2.1% 89 diversified Hong Kong
#82 Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila & family $13.9 B $38.5 M | -0.3% 37 beer Colombia
#83 John Paulson $13.7 B $0 58 hedge funds United States
#84 Iris Fontbona & family $13.4 B $26.1 M | 0.2% 71 mining Chile
#85 Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi $13.4 B $45.6 M | 0.3% 70 beverages Thailand
#86 Dhanin Chearavanont & family $13.3 B $64.1 M | -0.5% 75 food Thailand
#87 Vagit Alekperov $13.2 B $284.3 M | -2.1% 64 Lukoil Russia
#88 Hinduja Brothers $13.2 B $46.6 M | 0.4% – diversified United Kingdom
#89 Johanna Quandt $13.1 B $33.9 M | 0.3% 88 BMW Germany
#90 Henry Sy & family $13.1 B $182.6 M | 1.4% 89 diversified Philippines

#91 Shiv Nadar $12.8 B $333.1 M | 2.6% 69 information technology India
#92 Rinat Akhmetov $12.7 B $0 47 steel, coal Ukraine
#93 Abigail Johnson $12.6 B $0 52 money management United States
#94 James Simons $12.5 B $0 76 hedge funds United States
#95 Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor & family $12.4 B $0 62 real estate United Kingdom
#96 Robert & Philip Ng $12.4 B $28 M | -0.2% – real estate Singapore
#97 Lee Kun-Hee $12.3 B $115.2 M | -0.9% 72 electronics/insurance South Korea
#98 Zong Qinghou $12.2 B $0 68 beverages China
#99 Andrew Beal $12.1 B $0 61 banks, real estate United States
#100 Patrick Soon-Shiong $12.1 B $7.3 M | 0.1% 62 pharmaceuticals United States
#101 Hans Rausing $12 B $0 88 packaging Sweden
#102 Marcel Herrmann Telles $11.9 B $93.6 M | 0.8% 64 beer Brazil
#103 Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez & family $11.9 B $62.5 M | 0.5% 83 mining Mexico
#104 Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken $11.8 B $103.1 M | -0.9% 60 Heineken Netherlands
#105 Hansjoerg Wyss $11.6 B $89.3 M | 0.8% 79 medical devices Switzerland

#106 Ernesto Bertarelli & family $11.6 B $5.7 M 48 biotech, investments Switzerland
#107 Robert Kuok $11.3 B $170.1 M | 1.5% 90 diversified Malaysia
#108 Alexey Mordashov $11.3 B $109.7 M | 1% 48 steel, investments Russia
#109 Ananda Krishnan $11.2 B $1.7 M 76 telecom Malaysia
#110 Jack Ma $11 B $0 50 e-commerce China
#111 Philip Anschutz $11 B $6.6 M | 0.1% 74 investments United States
#112 German Khan $11 B $46.7 M | -0.4% 52 oil, banking, telecom Russia
#113 David & Simon Reuben $10.9 B $0 71 investments, real estate United Kingdom
#114 Carrie Perrodo & family $10.9 B $0 63 Inherited France
#115 Stephen Schwarzman $10.8 B $97.4 M | 0.9% 67 investments United States
#116 Richard Kinder $10.8 B $31.6 M | -0.3% 69 pipelines United States
#117 Sergei Galitsky $10.8 B $101.8 M | -0.9% 47 retail Russia
#118 Petr Kellner $10.7 B $26.8 M | 0.3% 50 banking, insurance Czech Republic
#119 George Kaiser $10.6 B $28.7 M | 0.3% 72 oil & gas, banking United States
#120 Mikhail Prokhorov $10.6 B $240.6 M | 2.3% 49 investments Russia

#121 Carlos Alberto Sicupira $10.4 B $67.9 M | 0.7% 66 beer Brazil
#122 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen $10.3 B $70.8 M | 0.7% 66 Lego Denmark
#123 Steve Cohen $10.3 B $0 58 hedge funds United States
#124 Klaus-Michael Kuehne $10.1 B $102.7 M | -1% 77 shipping Germany
#125 Stefano Pessina $10.1 B $63.8 M | -0.6% 73 drugstores Italy

$5.5 Billion Senior Assisted Living Industry, Mobile Health Apps

senior americansSenior care is not usually a hot topic during Sunday football games and jaunts hiking outdoors at Centennial Park Lake with my buddies in Nashville Tennessee. But the issue of caring for my aging parents has been weighing on my mind lately says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

So I dug a little deeper, to get the full scope of health care costs that will be coming just around the bend in the years ahead. In America, long-term care for elderly is a $257 Billion annual cost challenge. Overall, about 30% of U.S. health care expenses go to unnecessary medical services, that’s $800 Billion per year reports Mr. Dean.

What’s it gonna cost me then to care for my elderly parents in assisted living? I found on-average $2,250 to $3,200 per month paid out of pocket is what it would cost to put an elderly parent into a decent assisted living facility. That’s an extra $30,000 expense annually. So my question is; where’s the average ‘JOE’ working class stiff gonna find an extra $30,000 income per year?  Any suggestions feel free to leave comments.

screencapture-www-castlighthealth-com-price-variation-mapDuring my research even more startling was the fact almost 45% of the total costs associated with senior care will be paid by the family and not covered by health insurance.

It’s a hidden expense that most families do not plan for so when they get to the point where the aging parent can no-longer live alone, it becomes an emotional roller coaster ride that ends-up being VERY EXPENSIVE.

Poor financial decisions are often made at the last moment because of the timely senior crisis weighing heavily on the family. Many families deal with putting their parents into assisted living by gaining equity through selling the home, once lived in by their elderly parent.

In the United States, each day over 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring with about 75 million total due ‘retire’ by 2016. I found that close too 38% of all seniors in America within the next fifteen years will need to transferred to assisted living says Mr. Dean.

Seniors have specialized needs such as health monitoring, exercise requirements and medication schedules that our tech geeks at iHumanMedia.com have begun to explore developing several mobile apps.

A Pew research study found that between 60% to 80% of elderly go online daily. But they tend to use a desktop PC rather than smartphone or tablet. But we’re working on a ‘Smart Appliance’ that’s SENIOR FRIENDLY which could serve dual purpose of health check / wellness resource and social media e-commerce app for retail shopping, travel, entertainment and banking.


PI_14.04.01_seniorsTech-copyHere are examples of the phrases used for assisted living :

  • Residential care
  • Personal care
  • Adult congregate living care
  • Board and care
  • Adult living facilitiesSupported care
  • Enhanced care
  • Adult homes
  • Sheltered housing
  • Retirement residences
  • Adult foster care
  • Community based retirement facilities

For real estate investors, the population shift of seniors moving out of single residential homes into assisted living presents an opportunity to buy aging homes often needing repair than update the property and flip it for a nice profit (generally 20% to 30% gain).

During my research, I spoke with Dan Silverman at Nashville Home Solutions. He mentioned several instances where family members have come to him about getting CASH for HOMES because the senior (parent) had to be transferred to assisted living. Learn more about financial options to paying for assisted living … 

senior housing supply

Diet is another concentrated market opportunity that really popped out while exploring the senior cost crisis in America. For example, diabetes affects almost 30 million Americans. At a cost of over $245 Billion (direct/indirect costs, 2014 CDC). More often diabetes leads to multiple health and medical complications that ultimately require assisted living.

The take-away question here … we all need to be asking ourselves … ‘Are we prepared for the cost and emotional challenge of caring for our aging parents’. Planning ahead and budgeting properly for the inevitable time that’s coming is always a SMART approach. 

Five benefits of assisted living facilities

Family members or caregivers need to move slowly and with compassion when they try to convince an elder to move from the family home. However, once the adjustment is made, many elders are thrilled with the change. Why? Here are five reasons.

Safety. Assisted living centers are set up to provide a safe, comfortable environment for elders. Many, though not all, have secure entrances. Nearly all are monitored enough so that elders aren’t vulnerable to attack or burglary as they may be if they stay alone in their home. Just the fact that there are other people around makes communal living safer than being alone in a house. Also, most assisted living centers have alerting systems so if residents have emergencies in their own apartments or rooms, they can summon help.

Meals / Medical. Appetites can diminish as we age, plus many people don’t enjoy eating alone. Elders home alone often warm up something in the microwave or on the stove rather than preparing a nourishing meal. They then may eat in front of the TV for company. In assisted living, meals and some medical care are provided and they often offer many choices of food. But the biggest plus may be that people have company for their meals.

Many centers offer kitchenettes, so people have the option of preparing some meals in their apartments if they choose, which some do, especially breakfast. However, the pull of communal dining is pretty strong once they get used to company. When people have company for a meal, they generally eat better, so these communal meals can help keep a senior healthy. Also, many assisted living centers keep an eye on how well the elders eat to see if supplements seem to be necessary.

Transportation. Most assisted living centers provide group transportation for shopping and to community events. Also, they can generally arrange transportation for seniors who need to get to clinic appointments. Each center is different, but the ability to go where they want is important to elders, and many seniors can no longer drive, or choose not to drive in heavy traffic. Assisted living centers can be a big help getting people where they want to go.

Less worry. Even renters have to actively contact a landlord if there are plumbing or other problems in their apartment, and often they must follow up on repairs. For homeowners, it’s worse. Seniors can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors and repair people. They tend to be trusting and this makes them vulnerable. In assisted living, they don’t have to worry about repair responsibilities. If something doesn’t work properly, they or a loved one can alert the administration and the problem should be fixed. There’s no worry about the senior letting in a stranger to fix their bathroom pipe or getting bilked on the bill.

Socialization. Socialization is perhaps the most important reason why many people who insist that they will hate assisted living end up thriving. Many elders have slowly gotten so they don’t want to go out of their home because it’s too difficult to get where they want to go. Significant lifelong friends have health problems or have died.

When not actively used, social skills can decline, causing anxiety when elders do go out among people. Depression can set in, furthering their reluctance to be socially active. Elders without social exposure can become virtual hermits, except for those who have family visits. While family visits are fun, seniors needs peers, as well. In assisted living, even those who swore they’d hate it often find, once they adjust, that they again enjoy the company of peers. They play cards, listen to music, exercise, have snacks, go to community events and have people come in to entertain them.

List of Health Services Typically Offered at Elderly Care Facilities

General Services

  • Meal Preparation
  • Exercise and Wellness Activities
  • 24-Hour Staffing
  • Social and Recreational Activities
  • Housekeeping
  • Scheduled Outings/Trips (Doctor’s Appointments, Shopping, Worship)

Personal Services

  • Eating, Bathing and Toileting Assistance
  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  • Dressing Assistance
  • Mobility and Transferring
  • Personal Laundry
  • Transportation Services

Health-Related Services

  • Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Oxygen Assistance
  • Pharmaceutical Service
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • 24-Hour Nurse Assistance
  • Monthly Wellness Check-up

$2 Billion Dating Mobile App Beta Disses Meet-Up Zoosk Facebook POF Match eHarmony

paid content chartFinding a good ‘date’ often involves using a mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet. But discovering ‘the one’ in-love is never easy says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Today, mobile Internet technologies that enable us to quickly sort through member profiles, interests and photos has really upped the dating game, its become a $2 Billion business opportunity.

In the United States, online dating is lead by social sites like Meet-Up, Zoosk, Facebook, POFeHarmony and Tinder; all capturing the lion’s share of the market. Overall, paid content revenue is lead by dating and gaming online says Mr. Dean. It’s also become partly entertainment.

date-paloozaAs a mobile apps engineer, I brain-stormed with my team of geeks, pondering the question ‘Can we develop a better dating experience’ ? The answer is ‘YES’ … as we uncovered several business opportunities in the dating scene involving, a ‘STREAMING VIDEO’ mobile app reports James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

The advertisers, we approached FELL-IN-LOVE with our beta mobile app which combines easy-to-use gaming and dating options with social network VIDEO sharing tools. Some top executives at GOOGLE, also gave it the THUMBS UP, after our demo presentation.

Our team of programmers at iHumanMedia.com put in crazy hours … working almost 24/7. But ever so often I’ll post a personal ad for dating out there … ‘ONLINE THE LINE’ , as Vince Vaughan said, in the movie ‘The Internship’ Google. We thought we’d call it ‘EXCHANGE O GRAM’ … but than we discovered it doesn’t apply to VIDEO. So our mobile app dating, ‘beta baby’ is truly a disruptive technology … HA HA !!

After programming success, me and the guys set out on the town with our fantastic dating mobile app idea. First, we started with live music and women at The Rudder Anchor High Marina in Hendersonville TN. Than we ended up at ‘Honky Tonk Central’ off 4th and Broadway in downtown Nashville Tennessee says Mr. Dean. The nigh out was a blast, with lots of sincere women, some a little tipsy and our shared FACEBOOK video postings to social network friends and potential single women for future dating.

Dating is what sparked the whole Facebook social media networking revolution that began in 2004 in the Harvard dorm room of Marc Zuckerberg’s man-cave. He hunkered down for months with his buddies to build the college dating site which latter was developed into FACEBOOK, over 1.2 Billion users worldwide (2014).

Dating online US

Today, social media e-commmerce is the primary tool of about 85% of consumers on mobile Internet devices … all shopping, swapping product recommendations, chatting about their day, playing games online and getting the latest business news stories. We’ve come a long way but there’s still a lot of opportunities particularly in the 21 – 55 year old demographic where dating is most prevalent says Mr. Dean.

For example, home buyers over 91% use video virtual tours, and web video clips to research homes for sale online using mobile Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our real estate agent and broker investment clients are gaining significant results from iHumanMedia.com social media campaigns using mobile video content marketing.

video real estate why its valuable

In the movies, dating is a popular story line with hits like ‘Must Love Dogs’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘The Life of Walter Mitty’, all personal favorites of mine.

Microsoft Eyes $115 Billion Gaming Market 1.2 Billion Mobile App Users

gamingSo far Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO wiz-kid is making all the right moves says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Microsoft is preparing to announce the acquisition of Monjang, online gaming ‘MineCraft’ developer. It’s a nice fit because MineCraft brings into the mix over 50 million bright young users worldwide.

The purchase of Monjang by Microsoft is expected this week in the $2 Billion deal range says Mr. James Dean. The potential for Microsoft to expand Minecraft, development into e-commerce and social media educational revenue streams is very appealing to investors and stock holders. 

Monjang, a Swedish company that produced the LEGO style web gaming experience, MineCraft pushes a ‘3D engineering’ edu-platform to all ages. It’s also a collaborative platform that allows users to share docs, video, photos and 3D designs online. The company is profitable at $100 million last year. Advertisers are drawn to the social networking aspect of Minecraft says Mr. Dean. 


Overall, the online gaming market will reach $115 Billion with 1.2 Billion mobile app users by 2016. About 75% of users play these games on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and we expect wearable technology like smart-watches to become popular. READ MORE … 

Microsoft is positioning itself to become a ‘productivity and platforms’ company. During, mobile IT development iHumanMedia.com is often using Microsoft’s ONEDRIVE, which enables us to setup platforms for business organizations that easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more — anywhere, on any device, free. 

As a mobile web engineer, I like the direction Microsoft is headed says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. One of the unique features I like about ONEDRIVE is the ability to embed HTML folders and files into a business website. The secure mobile app features enable us to set authorized personal and invite members to edit, make comments and upload/download docs, photos, video and schedule calendar events … all in a collaborative cloud environment. It’s very cost effective solution to building an IT platform; offering most any business application such as accounting, admin docs, workflow planning and marketing / sales CRM and sharing content with social media networks says Mr. Dean. In some respects, I like ONEDRIVE better than Google Drive which has limited capabilities when it comes to embeding files, folders and calendar tools. 

$3.3 Billion Electrolux Buys GE Appliances – Springfield Tennessee

Locally, Electrolux employs hundreds of workers in the Springfield, Tennessee manufacturing plant; building kitchen appliances, laundry machines, filters and vacuum cleaners. But with the acquisition of GE Appliance division, located just north in Louisville, Kentucky; we expect consolidation efforts to proceed says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. 

The newly acquired Louisville, Kentucky, GE Appliance division of products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, washers and dryers and air conditioners. The division, which has 12,000 workers at nine factories that generated earnings of $381 million on $8.3 billion in sales last year, a 4.6% profit margin. 

The deal also includes the acquisition of Mabe Mexico, a leading home appliance manufacturer owned by GE. Now Electrolux has extended its business into more than 70 countries worldwide including high growth emerging markets like South America, Africa and parts of Asia says Mr. Dean. 

“GE Appliances’ people, valuable home appliances brand, products, distribution, and service capabilities make it a perfect fit with Electrolux and its goal of accelerating growth in the U.S.,” GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt said in a joint statement from the two companies. 

Other than its own brand, Electrolux sells under the Zanussi, AEG, Frigidaire and Eureka trademarks. In July it posted a second-quarter net loss of $13.5 million, citing large restructuring charges, but said demand in Europe and the United States was picking up. 

Electrolux has more than 60,000 employees, including 10,000 in North America. Its North American operations are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is still unclear what the future plans for the Springfield, Tennessee Electrolux plant maybe, that’s a decision for top-brass adds Mr. Dean. 

Toronto Film Festival, 300 features over 140 of them world Premieres

Toronto Film Festival, 300 features – more than 140 of them world premieres – will during this 10 day event reports James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Toronto is viewed as ‘the people’s film festival’, and often predicts Oscars success.


Films from 80 countries will be shown at the festival but there are accusations that English language movies with Oscar potential will dominate media coverage. Some see the opening night movie as a safe choice. The Judge is an accessible crowd-pleaser with big names attached: Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall star in father and son roles.

Festival organisers believe the movie is a departure, however. “It’s certainly bold for us – we’ve never had a Robert Downey Jr film open the festival,” says the festival’s artistic director Cameron Bailey.