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Content marketing in social media channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are now a primary resource to increase your business sales and reach more customers. is a leader now of business content marketing and online video production in social networks. A comprehensive content marketing solution is very effective.

social media content marketingThe return on investment in social media marketing is effective, on-average increasing sales 25% to 45% annually.

75% of businesses are now using social media content marketing for reaching new customers and business objectives

65% of business owners now integrate social media advertising into their business marketing plans social media marketing creators drive customers with unique video news, copy writing stories, SEO images and advertising posts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. You’re Content marketing and MOBILE Internet solution.

A Social Media Marketing Package includes 30 SEARCH NETWORK OPTIMIZED STORIES of YOUR BUSINESS for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo and 25 media networks. We also verify your business on Google MAPS for better SEO ranking. We create and promote your ads in Facebook, Google and Twitter. And finally, we produce a 30 second YOUTUBE video clip of your business. Video and photo images create a powerful call-to-action with unique presentation. The combination of social media marketing, advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter and online video YouTube; gives your business a PUSH towards an instant sales effective. Rate $295/month (VISA/AMEX/PAYPAL accepted).

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Effects of Donald Trump Presidency 2016 America

Donald Trump is a master at finding solutions. Trump’s ability to connect with individuals on a personal level even while speaking to large crowds is a powerful skill. Even, The Donald’s flamboyant hair styles make him the topic of discussion, often the buzz in social media news. So, if Donald Trumps elected President in 2016, he will absolutely change the conversation in Washington DC says James Dean @ 

Think of Trump as a leadership EVOLUTION of sorts. OK, so maybe you don’t agree with all Trump’s positions, but there is no doubt that his charismatic leadership commands respect worldwide. By changing the attitude in our country, we begin to restore the people’s faith in the American dream.

Donald Trumps pragmatic workman like approach is based on a clear understanding of the challenges and facts, in every case. Preparation involving high quality implementation was the basis for the entire show “The Apprentice”. Its his mantra !

From a business standpoint, Mr. Trumps knowledge and experience re-energizes job creation and manufacturing for the working class people of America. By implementing a lower 15% tax on individual, corporate and investment gains, Trump makes the U.S. competitive again. Currently, businesses are fleeing America to reduce operating costs and gain better returns. The pharmaceutical companies leaving now are just the tip of the iceberg. For example, auto manufacturers like General Motors and Ford are also spending BILLIONS to construct new facilities in places like INDIA, CHINA and MEXICO.

u.s. tax rates

Health care costs under OBAMA have jumped 5.3% on-average per year in America. Currently, there’s nothing “AFFORDABLE” about health care in the United States. Small business owners and families throughout America are getting clobbered with skyrocketing health care costs that is hurting job growth. Donald Trump has stated his commitment to small business owners and families to modify the policy on healthcare, making it truly more affordable and removing mandates.

Trump’s foreign policy follows a plan to implement “tariffs” on imported goods to America. He’s stated that a 25% to 35% import tax would drive investment by companies to set up domestic manufacturing and production in the United States; thus creating millions of new jobs.

Taxable investments like dividend, real estate and inheritance affect retiring seniors and young workers that spend their entire lives trying to build a nest egg for their family. Donald Trump calls for the elimination of “double taxation” policies.

Reducing the cost of government in Washington DC is a Trump Presidency priority. And making government work more efficiently for the people. Trumps focused on reducing the national debt, tapping America’s vast energy reserves such as natural gas, oil and rebuilding U.S. infrastructure. All key components to Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again.

Foreign policy concerns for the next 25-years, we foresee an unsettled world as China looms on the horizon, Middle East civil wars and Latin America continues to dump costly immigrants into our cities. Trump takes a FIRM stand on foreign policy believing a strengthened military capable of defending “Asymmetric Warfare”  threats in multiple theatres is germane to protecting the American people.Terrorism and cyber attacks are a real national security threat that must be stopped at any cost.

Pride in America is often tough to come by these days with so many different special interests eating away at the fabric of working class families that aspire to earn the American Dream. Trump brings a sense of urgency if elected President to Washington DC delivering a message to politicians that “business as usual” is over.

donald trumpNo lobbyist will be able to buy favors from Donald Trump administration. He’s a billionaire worth almost $10 Billion. He will hire smart people with integrity. It’s believable that Trump’s running to “save his country” as he stated. Credibility is the foundation to every successful businessman, so Trump has that as well.

I recall Ronald Reagan, a former Hollywood actor that became President. So, Donald Trump, a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business will likely produce an exciting 2016 Presidential Election with many interesting twists and turns. Trump’s over qualified for the White House by any measure, if we compare him to other great Presidents.

A smart Vice Presidential choice for Donald Trump could be Marco Rubio. Together, they would make a dynamic team, drawing young voters and Hispanics to the ticket. Rubio is the 44-year old superstar, Senator from Florida. He’s from a working class family that makes a lot of sense for most Americans. Marco Rubio’s tempered style and youthful appearance would work nicely to offset Trump’s forceful demeanor and age factor.

In the upcoming 2016 election underlying, all the hoopla is the sobering fact that America is under duress. Each voter must ask themselves, whom do you TRUST to get the job done in securing the future of our country? And without a doubt, Donald Trump has a long track record of solving problems and delivering solutions; all valuable qualities that are nonexistent in Washington DC, today writes author, James Dean @     

Enterprise Windows 10

IT business networks provide a critical platform for your enterprise. But it must provide optimal security, interactive human capabilities and mobile workforce apps that meet today’s on-the-go demands. And Windows 10 does all of these pretty well says James Dean @ It’s been awhile but Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, VP of Operating Systems Group has begun to get it right in Windows 10. The navigation is logical and familiar in Windows 10 offering useful, intelligent tools like Cortana voice assistance, Microsoft Edge interactive content editor and HELLO facial recognition security that saves us all lot’s of time trying to remember a million different password combinations. Watch Windows 10 VIDEO review below !

Keep in mind, Microsoft has a 67% desktop PC OS market share worldwide. Although, the PC market is declining with the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and wearable technology like Google Glass for Business. But people still use a combination of digital devices on a daily basis. I’m a big fan of GOOGLE applications, but enterprise Windows 10 is rather intriguing says James Dean @ Windows 10 is a work in-progress, its a vast improvement over 8.


Microsoft Edge has a “read” app that enables users to customize the way the want to view research and news content. For example, advertising that clutters the web page can be minimized so that you can concentrate on digesting the information by itself. Easy to use freehand tools with Microsoft Edge allow you to write text on the browser screen and share the notes with your social network Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. A creative touchscreen application for educators.

Microsoft apps are convenient to sync your smartphone and tablet cloud of photos, mail, video, news, maps and music selections. Touchscreen mobile Windows Office 10 is responsive using Excel, Word and Outlook programs on any device.

Windows 10

Social media gaming is now a standard component of your Windows 10 experience says Mr. Dean. XBox game networks are fun and provide a unique mobile platform for advertisers to reach Millennials, a fast growing consumer market (15% annual revenue growth rate). The wireless home network capabilities of Windows 10 are a great alternative to expensive cable TV entertainment. In many ways, Microsoft has repositioned itself as a content creation and mobile cloud system adds Mr. Dean.

Social Media Web Design $395

search engine salesSocial media web design drives 45% more business and create better search engine optimization for Google, Facebook and Twitter. offers a complete social media web design solution that includes domain URL and YouTube video embed, all for just $395 total. The social media web design connects users to your mobile network using posts that are embedded into your SEO content pages. Content web development pushes mobile Internet business to you with a better social media web design solution.

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Here’s what you get for just $395, the social media web design solution includes;

1) SEARCH NETWORK OPTIMIZED STORIES of YOUR BUSINESS for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo and 25 media channels. We also verify your business on Google MAPS for better SEO ranking. We create and promote your ads in Facebook, Google and Twitter. We also produce a 30 second YOUTUBE video clip of your business. Video is a powerful call-to-action with unique presentation. The combination of social media marketing, advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter and online video, gives your business a PUSH towards an instant sales effective.

2) NEW web site design for a better call-to-action and search engine ranking on Google that’s MOBILE responsive for smartphone and tablet users. Web design 5-7 pages is usually completed within five days. We also train you upon completion to edit the web site, if you choose to maintain it yourself or we can do it for you.

about millennials

Build Android iOS HTML5 Mobile Apps

Building a responsive mobile app that’s Android and iOS has become cost-effective. A mobile app can automate your business to reach 95% more customers on smartphones, tablets and the Google Chromebook reports Hybrid mobile apps offer a better return on investment than alternatives. Developing cloud based app solutions adds proprietary value to your business. Compare Google Android 48% global marketshare vs Apple iOS 43% (Data 2015). 

Think of it this way, custom mobile apps provide an automated direct link from your business to customers, bypassing filters like Facebook, with instant streaming of promotional adverting and social media news content to the end-user on a mobile Internet device. 

So if you break down the time spent on Facebook, lets say 30-hours per month posting social media then multiple by 12-months that’s 360 hours spent on Facebook annually at $20 labor per hour equals about $7,200 Facebook expense per year. Every business owner should be asking, how many new sales Facebook has actually produced says Mr. Dean @ Now consider that for less than $4,900; you create a direct sales app that provides mobile analytic data and sustainable revenue networks that connect directly to a customer’s smart phone or tablet without using Facebook / Twitter.

Using responsive code such as HTML5 provides a great way to connect better through social network and e-commerce solutions. Gain automated insight into your mobile customer 24/7 with back-end deployment of cloud based mobile app platforms by A cross-platform, responsive mobile app has many advantages to build upon. 

Automated Cross Platform Mobile App Solutions

iOS, Android, Windows Phone Apps

With the App Builders like, you can create mobile and responsive apps that run on all major device platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, all from a single code base.

Hybrid Apps

Create hybrid apps that behave like native but use common APIs that run consistently across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. With built-in support for popular frameworks Apache Cordova (a.k.a. PhoneGap), Ionic, and jQuery Mobile, give your apps the power of fully native apps without the extra cost and time.

Responsive Web Apps

It’s easy to build responsive Web apps that will run across all device types and screen sizes.  With built in support for Bootstrap, the most popular responsive UI framework your apps look great across all device form factors.

Visual Development

Visual IDE

Quickly build complete user experiences with jQuery Mobile, Ionic, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and HTML5 components inside the Visual Editor. Building your UI couldn’t get much easier: simply drag-and-drop the components to build the UI.

App Templates

Quickly create an app with one of our preinstalled templates or your own custom template.

Visual Data Binding

Quickly bind services to the UI with the drag-and-drop Visual Data Mapping Editor. You can even write custom JavaScript to be applied during mapping.

Customization + Advanced Development

jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ionic

Increase productivity and leverage your existing skills with built-in support for the most popular JavaScript frameworks: jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Ionic.

Custom UI Components

Create any number of custom UI components for faster reuse and customization.

Write custom JS or CSS

You can write any custom JavaScript or CSS code and include any JavaScript library.

Themes, prebuilt or custom

Use over 30 out-of-the box jQuery Mobile themes or create any number of custom themes.

Advanced Storage Layer

Visually define storage variables and their types. Use the Storage API to manage variables.

Model-Based Data Structure

Take full advantage of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to improve reusability and productivity.

Source Code Editing

Edit HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS on the client side, enabling complete customization, flexibility, and app branding.

App Deployment

Build APK, IPA, or XAP Binaries

Build complete apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone directly from the platform. Scan the QR code when it’s ready to download or send a link of the binary to others.

Distribution-Ready Apps

Apps built with are ready to be submitted to public markets such as Google Play, Apple Store and Windows App Store as well as to enterprise app markets.

Export App Source

You can export pure app sources as HTML5/CSS or as a ready-to-use IDE project for Android (Eclipse project), iOS (xCode project), or Windows Phone (Visual Studio project).

HTML5 Testing

With an HTML5 app, you can instantly test the app in the browser or on your phone. You can also share the app link with other users or clients for instant feedback.

Native App Testing

With the Mobile Tester (Android or iOS) you or anyone else can instantly discover and test your apps on a device without installing them.  This is ideal for testing native device features or for demonstrating your apps on a target device.


Customer Console

The Customer Console enables business users and clients to edit app data and send push notifications from a user-friendly, branded console, without needing to sign into the platform with developer credentials.

Certificate Management

Cloud based mobile app solutions provides a secure place where you can store all your certificates. These certificates can then be used to build binaries such as IPAs or APKs.

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaborate and share your mobile project with team members, designers, business users, and customers in real time. Because the projects are stored in the cloud, they can easily be opened by multiple team members.

Role-Based Team Management

Select roles for your teammates and manage their permissions (Read, Write, Delete) to resources (apps, database, Server Code, etc.).

Versioning and Backups

Save multiple versions of your apps, back them up to your PC, and easily restore the whole app from the backup.

YouTube Video vs Facebook Video

Online video reaches over 5 Billion people per day, according to About 75% of the online video audience watch video on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Further, we found that 65% of people sitting in front of a television are engaged on a mobile device such as Android and iPhone, therefore their attention is divided. This comes as no surprise, as it’s consistent with falling viewership on popular network and cable TV shows like CNN. This is particularly, true for viewers age 18 to 37 having grown-up using mobile Internet devices their more app to enjoy controlling the content with a wide range of interests and in shorter bursts per view. Today, people are more likely to check their Facebook than watch CNN, as a first choice option. For YouTube, its a challenge to evolve into a social network where people spend more time. Bringing the 900 million users directly into YouTube could be a way to have people spend more time exploring video news and searching on YouTube, as a first priority. With the explosive growth of mobile video, its a sure thing for Google.

mobile video

Often TV hows like CNN latch onto a “news story” obsessively replaying the “expert” analysis for days, stuck on that one topic. But, social media savvy Millennials lose interest quickly, as they love to explore new topics and creative digital media.

“Where living in the age of CREATIVE digital media, where the “viewer” ie. ordinary people have now become the content producer says James Dean @ High quality video and audio production can be done using a smartphone, tablet and DSL camera with the ability to edit the clips on-the-fly. This changes the way a small business owner can advertise, now broadcasting local events, product promotions and social media marketing campaigns. The cost of video production and broadcast quality video advertising has dropped significantly enabling anyone to reach millions.”

One of the limitations about Facebook video is the lack of video editing tools available. Facebook does not currently provide a way to edit video versus YouTube which provides a creative editing suite online. Without a robust video editing app, Facebook will limit its full potential as a ubiquitous social media network. For example, Twitter is aggressively pushing its new mobile Internet video apps which enable video conferencing and online video editing capabilities. Vimeo is a nice video production platform which offers HiDef quality audio and video broadcasting for creative types. Vimeo integrates social media networking tools well. We also like Pinterest for its social media video networking capabilities that also incorporate new e-commerce “Buy Now” buttons for retail sales.

YouTube is undoubtedly the online video go-to-channel with a wide range of news, entertainment and educational video content. It’s the second leading search engine behind Google now. Although, Facebook has made big strides with its new messenger app that provides excellent video conferencing and social networking features. Facebook is also set to release its “Facebook Pay” app that will enable shoppers and people searching for recommended products to “BUY” through streaming news feeds on smart phones and tablets. But the transition to becoming a e-commerce platform is a delicate process for Facebook which most people did not sign up for as with the intent to be sold stuff, so there could be some blow-back from users that may see a barrage of sales “pitches” thrown at them constantly on their mobile Internet device 24/7.

streaming video

Both Facebook and YouTube must maintain the ability for users to set their own preferences with regard to filtering content being pushed vs individuals searching at their leisure for stuff. The global reach of the video networks like Facebook and YouTube is inspiring with a great potential to better connect people sharing content from unique cultures and perspectives.

The on-demand video applications to reach mobile Internet users in Facebook is huge with 1.5 Billion members worldwide. Content creation of video is now the big challenge that Facebook must address while YouTube has already got it. Facebook must give people the ability to create content in Facebook and share it using a Facebook URL link – short code / embed HTML. This would draw video content creators to a platform like Facebook, redefining it as a social media production networking app with tools that let people edit video and create online multimedia presentations that are native to Facebook.

digital video

Pay per Click Advertising

Internet marketingAdvertising your business effectively requires a clear understanding of social media marketing, online video advertising and local print / signage media says For each business that formula differs there’s no “cookie-cutter” marketing strategy that can accomplish your ROI goals. Pay per click ads on Facebook, Google and Twitter are effective with proper keyword analytics, they can draw targeted customers to your business at relatively low cost. Budget carefully ! 

But remember, a retail store is a vastly different advertising campaign from a travel agency. Although both employ social media marketing, and paid search advertising; a local retail shop would be more likely to focus on better signage to draw foot traffic in the neighborhood. While better video marketing would be a very important marketing tool for a travel agency. Joint marketing is also effective for industry related items; “pet sitter” per “travel agency, a symbiotic business relationship. Click Image Below 

Pet Sitter

One of the most important factors today in advertising driven by your company’s ability to push knowledge / content news and edutainment to young consumers ages 18 to 36 years old. This new group of consumers often called Millennials is a high growth marketplace (15% annually) versus those 47 to 65 + years old (Baby Boomers) with a decreased spending power (-10% annually); preparing for a fixed income lifestyle.

How to Drive more Pay per Click Advertising Traffic … 

1) What’s your advertising budget? Use the worst case revenue projects and build around it.

2) Define your loyalty customers … know the demographics, build a solid profile of interests.

3) Experiment with Pay per Click tools like Google Adwords, Yahoo/BING and Facebook. What seems to work best for your technical ability and time available time to manage the PPC campaigns. Web analytics is a time-consuming highly technical skill which changes continuously … its a full-time job. Checkout TWITTER video streaming MOBILE marketing …

4) Rotate keyword phrases monthly as consumer organic search patterns and online behaviors shift frequently. Web traffic can vary drastically with only a slight variation among keyword phrases so be precise in your ad postings. Learn Google AdWords for mobile and Yahoo / Bing Advertising tools.

5) Build your social network … add friends, acquaintances and relationships. Space out your social media posts, no more than three per day (morning and late afternoon).

6) Content marketing is a creative process vary your posting material … write articles, post video clips and photos that invite a personal connection with the audience. Get to know your customers by showing them what, who and how your business is performed. Create brand awareness, build your customer relationship management solution.

TIP OF THE DAY : Leverage popular news content in the mainstream media so it redirects the online user to your personal blog and/or business web page. For example, is a great way to set-up a mobile news content page for video clips, articles and photos that adds followers to your social network. This continuous flow of unique content online reminds people of your business. Become a news content leader, don’t follow the mainstream media, find and respin news that adds value to your customers. Click Image Below

weight loss

Better Google Adwords

google adword recommends Google Adwords to promote your business. Using Google Adwords is a great way to reach mobile Internet users that now dominate about 79% of all search activity online. Getting familiar with how Google Adwords works is important for your business in order to increase sales and drive more traffic to your business. Budget carefully !

Recently, Twitter and Yahoo joined Google’s advertising network, where Adwords are displayed. Now Google Adwords pushes your brand in social media networks and news content marketing. Be sure to explore Video for Adwords. Also checkout Social media marketing …

Six Google Adword Tools You Should Know 

Clicks : When a user clicks your ad, it’s counted in this column. Why it matters – Clicks can help you understand how well your ad is performing. Relevant, highly-targeted ads are more likely to receive clicks. Good to know: There are industry standards for measuring clicks. Clicks are accredited by the Media Rating Council.  More about clicks

GoogleImpression : An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Display Network. Why it matters: Impressions help you understand how often your ad is being seen. They’re also used to calculate clickthrough rate (CTR), which is helpful in determining the effectiveness of your ads. More about impressions – More about clickthrough rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate (CTR) : Used to measure how often people click your ad after it’s shown to them. It is often used to help determine the effectiveness of an ad. What it is, CTR is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.

CTR = Clicks

Example: If you have five clicks and 1000 impressions, then your CTR is 0.5%.  More about CTR

Average cost-per-click (CPC) is the average amount that you’ve been charged for a click on your ad.  What it is: This amount is the total cost of all clicks divided by the total number of clicks received. What it isn’t: Average CPC isn’t the same thing as maximum CPC—that’s the most you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad. You won’t be charged more for a single click than the maximum CPC that you set. Example: If your ad receives two clicks, one costing $0.20 and one costing $0.40, your average CPC for those clicks is $0.30. Choose a bid

Total Cost is the sum of your cost-per-click (CPC) spend and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) spend during this period.  What’s not included: Other costs, such as cost-per-call, aren’t included. For a sum of all costs, use the “Total cost” column.  Controlling costs: To help control costs, set an average daily budget you’re comfortable with at the campaign level, then set bids at the keyword and ad group level.  More about the cost of AdWords

Ranking : Average position helps explain where your ad ranks compared to other ads. Why it matters: This metric shows your ad’s position relative to those of other advertisers in the search engine. For more information on how your ads rank compared with other advertisers, try the Auction insights report.  More about Auction insights and understanding Ad position

Social Media Marketing creates unique social media marketing campaigns to push localized news stories that appeal to your customer base. A successful Facebook posting has an image that grabs attention, a news story and links to drive customer replys call-to-action. Twitter social media posts use a similar news story format to embed video clips and content marketing. By embedding social media posting on your web site as part of the content, it enables better customer brand loyalty. social media marketing creators drive customers with unique video news, copy writing stories, images and advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. You’re Complete Internet marketing solution below.

The Social Media Marketing Package includes 30 SEARCH NETWORK OPTIMIZED STORIES of YOUR BUSINESS for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo and 25 media channels. We also verify your business on Google MAPS for better SEO ranking. We create and promote your ads in Facebook, Google and Twitter. And finally, we produce a 30 second YOUTUBE video clip of your business. Video ensures a powerful call-to-action with unique presentation. The combination of social media marketing, advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter and online video YouTube; gives your business a PUSH towards an instant sales effective. The rate is $365 / month (VISA/AMEX/PAYPAL accepted). EMAIL US

Web Marketing 

Get your NEW web site design for a better call-to-action and search engine ranking on Google. charges $295.00 USD per MOBILE responsive web site design. For website designs 5-7 pages turn-around is usually within five days. For 10-25 page sites with shopping carts and top search optimization, figure ten days at $595 total cost.

If you need an existing website updated, redesigned and programmed in WordPress, WIX or other web editors, figure 5-7 days at $395 total cost. A new website design with better content marketing keywords can instantly boost sales.

For example, your existing website might need a better menu navigation, Call-to-Action forms, embedded Video presentation and Shopping Carts that accept PayPal Visa and American Express. We analyze the meta tags vs your competition to create maximum Google ranking. Also checkout MOBILE APPS for 90% better customer engagement (ROI) return-on-investment.

Internet marketing

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