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Retargeting Your Mobile Internet Advertising Campaigns helps companies retarget their mobile advertising campaigns in Facebook, Twitter and Google to optimize ROI and increase the call to action of purchase decisions by new customers.

Ten facts about retargeting your mobile Internet advertising campaigns.


1. Set the stage: Retargeting mobile ad campaigns are designed to push consumers through the sales funnel, but you need clear benchmarks and understanding of retargeting to know if your campaign is working. Make sure you have the right metrics in place for success at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Here are some frequent FAQ’s to get you started.

2. Build on past successes: Once you know what works, you’ve got to make the most of that knowledge. Be sure to identify the best performing keywords from your search engine marketing campaign. Once your search retargeting campaign is up and running, determine which keywords are leading to conversions and then target users performing similar searches with look-alike targeting.

3. Get straight to the point: All the retargeting in the world won’t work if your creative isn’t top notch. Be sure your creative includes a strong call to action and brings the user to a landing page that makes the conversion as simple and straightforward as possible.

4. Stretch your dollar: Retargeting can still be a big bargain. Don’t believe it? Just compare the cost of top keywords on AdWords to the cost of those same keywords in a search retargeting campaign. Same keywords, very different prices.

5. See the light: Don’t ignore view-through conversions. web analytic research shows that click-throughs are not always good metric when it comes to display campaigns. If you want to understand the real value of your campaign, you have got to look at view-through, which measures the number of people who arrive at your site after being exposed to one of your ads.


6. Relevancy is key: Your retargeting campaign is only as strong as the data behind it. Use Programmatic Site Retargeting to employ as much data as possible, from the referral sites and keywords that bring users to your site, to the sites that users travel to after leaving.

7. No one likes to be stalked: Make sure you establish the right frequency cap to avoid annoying the consumer. The last thing you want is give your customers nightmares about your creative chasing them down a dark alley.

8. One vendor to rule them all: Only use one Site Retargeting vendor to avoid waste and data leakage. If you’re using a bunch of vendors, they may end up bidding against one another in ad exchanges, thus driving up the price of your impressions. Even worse, keeping track of all those pixels can turn into a big headache and put your data at risk.

9. Be Methodical: Don’t forget to place conversion and exclusion pixels on your confirmation pages. After all, if someone just bought your product, it doesn’t make much sense to continue to target them with display ads. You should be equally obsessive about your A/B testing. Just because two ads appear similar doesn’t mean they’ll perform similarly.

10. recommends Facebook, Yahoo and Google advertising platforms to retarget mobile ads. Although, managing brand ad campaigns is a time consuming process for most business owners. The reward of better sales and improved CRM lead conversion is great.

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360° CRM Mobile Internet Lead Conversion

Customer relationship management (CRM) the art of knowing your target market is a valuable part of your MOBILE INTERNET business strategy. If your business does’nt have a robust 360° CRM platform than your missing about 25% or more in potential new sales opportunities reports 

crm mobile ads lead trackingCRM solutions are implemented to manage a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. CRM applications help your sales team organize, automate, and synchronize business processes to help you find, attract and win new clients in addition to retaining loyal customers.

The relevance of CRM technology used in conjunction with sales may not be immediately recognizable to some, but there are several benefits to its use.

Review benefits your business gets using CRM.

1. Increase sales team productivity

The utilization of CRM technology with sales will drive your sales team’s productivity to new heights. CRM can streamline your process by making pricing, order processing, and other sales tasks completely automated. Adopting CRM technology will give you sales team a competitive advantage by reducing your production costs, increasing sales revenue, and increasing market share.

2. Build healthy customer relationships

Building strong relationships with your customers is one of your primary goals. By implementing, CRM solutions, the productivity of your sales team will be increase, allowing you to spend more time with customers. Not only will your sales team be able to spend more time with current customers, they will be able to spend more productive time with potential customers due to the automated tools put in place by CRM services like Ultimately, more time with customers means an increase in the number of deals closed, generating a larger, stronger customer base.

3. Reduce costs and Improve Advertising Return-On-Investment 

Costs can be difficult to reduce when you are working in sales. Errors and extra time spent on placing orders within your team costs you additional money. CRM technology provides the tools you and your sales team needs to increase accuracy and effectiveness. Minimizing order errors will eliminate the time spent correcting those errors. Importantly, CRM applications are accessible on demand so you are not wasting time with applications that slow down your processes. This effectively decreases wasted time and will reduce your lead generation ad costs.

4. Enhanced communication 

Communication within a sales team is critical when it comes to customer management. There are several opportunities for confusion and mistakes to occur when a sales team has not employed solid communication tools. A CRM application is a great way to help increase communication between the sales force and sales management. CRM technology allows individuals to share information quickly about sales that are currently in progress. This will improve the entire sales cycle more efficient and subsequently help you close deals and help your team get commissions faster.

5. Easy access to lead intelligence 

The ability to quickly access information on leads for a sales team is a necessity to their production. CRM technology has the capabilities to maintain lead intelligence which is easily accessible. If your sales team works with a CRM application that is incorporated with marketing software, your team will be able to access lead intelligence from one source. By using this technology, a sales team can add information to a record in a CRM application so anyone who speaks with that individual will have all the information about the lead and what interaction they may have has with your team members.

6. Get organized

Organization can be any team’s potential downfall. With CRM technology, organization comes easily. Implementing a CRM application will help your team prioritize their responsibilities and tasks. CRM applications provide full visibility so you and your team can know who to call first when following up on leads. You can also use a CRM application to find the best leads by prioritizing the best opportunities. Being more organized means your team is no longer wasting time on a disorganized search through leads that are at different stages in the sales cycle. Instead, you can easily access the leads that need to be followed up on today, allowing more time for other responsibilities.

7. 360° view of your customers

Working in sales means working with several customers and potential leads every day. With so many contacts, it is important to have all the necessary information at your fingertips as you communicate with them. CRM technology provides a complete picture of all of your current and potential clients. Within a CRM application, your sales team can build a 360° profile for each current and potential client which can be added to in order to provide a more robust picture of each individual. There are obvious advantages to having more detail and the extra data should not be simply dismissed as unnecessary. More detail will allow your team members to know details which can help them formulate a sales pitch which successfully outlines how a product can meet the client’s needs. Instead of having silos of client information, your sales team will have one complete picture, therefore allowing your team members to easily create stronger customer relationships.

8. Improved sales reporting

It is of the utmost importance that sales is up to date in order to develop accurate forecasts which help provide a good view of the market conditions and predict sales. CRM applications are frequently used to resolve challenges that arise in sales reporting. You can avoid duplicate data and retrieve high quality reports which are readily available at your fingertips. A CRM application has tools that can be accessed in real time, providing reports that are accurate and up to date.

9. Bringing the field staff closer to the team

There often can be a large separation between the sales field staff and sales team. Primarily this is due to a lack of effective information. If the field staff and sales team are using a CRM application, the field staff will be able to send information to the sales team more often. Information can be sent to management after each sales call completed by the field staff, rather than provided daily and weekly reports. This reduces management’s response time and gives way for a more alert and responsive team overall.

10. Increase customer satisfaction

Customers are the primary concern of any sales team. CRM technology can help your sales team increase customer satisfaction by analyzing the customer information your team members collect. The information obtain can be analyzed within the system to provide reports and data which can then be used to create a product that matches or exceeds expectations. The sales team can also use the CRM system to help customers more expertly, as described earlier. Customer satisfaction leads to increased loyalty and increased profit margins. Essentially, CRM technology can give your sales team a competitive advantage driving new sales opportunities.

CRM applications can streamline your sales processed, allowing your sales team to build strong customer relationships and become more efficient. And the cost? That is completely up to you.

Most CRM applications provide a pay as you go solution like which you can add to if needed as you learn exactly what CRM technology can do to improve your sales team’s capabilities.

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Consumer Spending Market Analysis 2015 released findings on target markets where consumer are spending. Here are business sectors where Americans are spending their money :

Air travel up 2.8% in first two months for 2015, according to the Department of Transportation. Quinlan says summer bookings look even better. Plus, growth is coming from consumers, not business travelers. When people are comfortable booking an airline flight a couple of months in advance, that demonstrates confidence in job security and spending power. Airline revenue shows the trend. First quarter revenue declined slightly at American Airlines (AAL), which is still consolidating as it finalizes its merger with U.S. Airways, but year-over-year revenue was up 5.3% at Delta (DAL), 3.2% at United (UAL) and 6.3% at Southwest (LUV), according to S&P Capital IQ.

Hotels occupancy rates were up 3% in the first quarter 2015, year over year, according to Smith Travel Research. The overall occupancy rate of 61s% was the highest Smith has ever recorded in the first quarter. And revenue per available room was up by a hefty 8%. This comes as the strong dollar makes it more expensive for foreigners to travel to the United States, which suggests much of the growth in lodging is coming from Americans spending money in America.

consumer spending 2015

Restaurant sales at food service and drinking places were up 9% (Jan. – April 2015), according to the Census Bureau, which tracks the official retail sales numbers. Americans are more comfortable dining out and committing to restaurant spending when they travel.

Jewelry and fashion goods; Mastercard’s (MA) data show jewelry sales rose for 25-straight months before dipping slightly in April. The average purchase costs a whopping $2,400. This probably reflects wealthier consumers spending on stuff that will provide lasting satisfaction.

gas pricesGasoline sharp drop in oil and gasoline prices means Americans are paying less for gas. But they’re buying more of it. The volume of gasoline sales rose 26% during the last five months, compared with the prior year, according to the Energy Information Administration. That means Americans are going out more, which creates more opportunities to spend.

Smartphones. ESmart Phones are now a primary consumer purchase point; as mobile Internet devices change the way people get news through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, entertainment (video. text) and  business with sales up 28% so far in 2015, according to the NPD Group . Phones, of course, are used for many things other than making calls, such as social networking, games and streaming audio and video. What we’re really paying for is connectivity, information and entertainment.

Furniture and furnishings. Sales have been up 5 months in a row, according to MasterCard, suggesting that people are finally replacing worn-out stuff they’ve been holding onto until times improve–which, apparently, they have.

And here’s where consumer spending has been surprisingly weak:

Department stores. Year-over-year sales are down 1.9% for the first four months of 2015, according to Cenus data, even though job growth has been strong during the last year and incomes have risen by about 2%. Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren blamed weak first-quarter sales on a labor slowdown at West Coast ports, rough winter weather and a rising dollar for the slump. But it may also be due to a general shift away from merchandise and toward experiences.

Electronics (other than smartphones). Sales at stores that sell computers, software, cameras, TVs and appliances are down 1% so far in 2015, according to Census.

Teen clothing. Overall clothing sales are up 2.3% this year, according to Census, which isn’t bad, but teenagers—tomorrow’s most coveted shoppers–are losing interest in clothes, especially the stuff targeted specifically at them by stores such as Aeropostale (ARO), Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) and American Apparel (APP). Annual surveys by Piper Jaffray show that clothing as a percentage of teen spending has dropped from 30% to 20%–and deep discounts haven’t spurred sales. Teens need to wear something, of course, and the clothes they are wearing tend to come from “athleisure” purveyors such as Lululemon (LULU) and fast-fashion chains such as Zara and H&M.

Auto repairs and tire replacement. This segment was strong during recent years, Quinlan says, since people put off new-car purchases and nursed the old jalopy for another year or two. But the opposite is now happening, with auto sales up a strong 8% this year and spending on repairs falling off.

For struggling merchants, the problem isn’t shell-shocked consumers afraid to pull out their wallets. It’s outdated business models tuned to the spending habits of the past. Consumers seem unlikely to abandon their new habits, which means business need to change theirs.

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Real Estate Market 2015

Nashville real estateThe Nashville housing market has rebounded stronger than almost anywhere else in the United States since 2008 reports 

Nashville’s median home price today is 10.5% higher than the peak values before the recession struck — a net growth that’s the best of the nation’s 100 largest metro areas. Rounding out the top-5: San Francisco, Honolulu, San Jose and Columbus, Ohio.

That analysis comes from the financial website, which crunched federal data and numbers from the National Association of Realtors.

Between the third quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2011, home prices in the Nashville metro area fell nearly 12 percent. In the four years since then, prices have surged, increasing by 26% since they hit bottom and reaching a level more than 11 percent higher than their pre-crisis peak.

SmartAsset excluded some cities from their study, such as Austin and Pittsburgh, because they did not experience a price decline of at least 10 percent from the pre-recession peak to the low point during the economic crisis.

As if on cue, data released Thursday by the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors bears out what the SmartAsset study found.

There were 2,940 closings in April 2015 (mostly single-family homes), a 6 percent increase from the same month in 2014, GNAR said.

The median sale was $224,945 in April 2015 — recorded a jump of $20,000, or 10 percent, compared to April 2014.

“Inventory is increasing as predicted, but not at the rate that can keep up with demand,” said Cindy Stanton, president of GNAR, agent with the firm Parks Realty.

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Here’s a few local Nashville middle Tennessee towns to visit during your home search.

Gallatin Tennessee 37066
Nashville middle Tennessee and Murfreesboro
Brentwood 37027
Hendersonville 37075
Mt Juliet – Lebanon
White House – Springfield – Portland TN

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Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads announced it’s findings on click through rates (CTR) for Facebook ads versus advertising on Google. Overall, Facebook has the added benefit of building a social network of loyal customers that may result in sustainable local business.

In the study, web analytics found that ads displayed on the side of Facebook pages have a 1.2% CTR (click through rate) while ads appearing in the Google news feed was .07%. Google ads average a 1.8% CTR for the top four ads, while the top ranking hit 4.4% CTR on-average.  The Internet advertising study concluded that video has become an important part of creating a mobile advertising campaign. Text message digital coupons were also very effective for better sales. READ MORE …

social media platformsAlthough, the ROI (return on investment) varies depending on your target market profile setting such as demographics, interest and ad schedule. In highly competitive markets like web design and mobile apps, Google Adwords can cost over $8 per click which outpaces most small business advertising budgets. So setting a daily budget using Google Adwords is important to control costs. Organic news feed content ads work best.

Facebook ad ROI is often a better deal for small business owners such as the “boost posts” app; a social media content marketing strategy that results in more business. recommends businesses use a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that includes Facebook, Yahoo Gemini and Google Adwords for Video which has a much better ROI than text Adwords.

Increasingly, consumers are perform search applications within the MOBILE social network and buy products using smart phones, tablets and wearable technology.

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Clint Black country music singer  song writer

Music Sales MOBILE E-commerce

digital musicMusic Nashville Media offers community based mobile Internet marketing and music – video production services for musicians, singers, song writers, web TV actors and retail fashion models. It’s a working partnership, your input is valuable to success.
“The growing popularity of digital music streaming, with revenue from services like Music Nashville Media jumped 40% to $1.57 billion for MOBILE smart phone and tablet users reports
With over 25-years of digital media experience, James Dean leads the team, discovering talent within the Nashville community in order to help bring their message to the world and grow sales online. Video is a highly effective tool for promotion in social networks.

James Dean 2014“We realize undiscovered music talent generally has limited resources. So we’ve created a affordable service to brand musicians in the digital music and video entertainment industry.

We look for input from the musician. Thinking outside-the-box often results in the best solution. Our initial goal is to sell 2,000 digital music units per month to generate income for the each artist. We also assist with booking gigs in Nashville says Mr. Dean”.  

Social media content and Internet advertising are targeted to engage mobile users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This builds your brand ‘customer loyalty’ and opens-up repeat sales online. 

How Does it all Work? 

Step 1 – We setup your music web Store, Apple iTunes, Google Play Android  and social media pages (our service $495 affordable flat rate). The initial setup takes about one week to program the e-commerce sites and prepare for your online music sales. We also create online video to build your music sales. 

Johnny Winter _ The Official Johnny Winter Site-page-001miley cyrus

Step 2 – We manage your online sales, run web ads and you earn 80% of the proceeds. Our advertising fee is 20% of sales for promotion and marketing your brand to smart phone, tablet and wearable technology users. 

itunesamazon** After initial setup, there are no out-of-pocket costs. We take only a percentage of sales produced. 

Although, we can not guarantee that consumers will respond. Our experience in picking talent and grow INTERNATIONAL sales most often gets us to 2,500 downloads per month which is a nice foundation to build upon for a new artist.  Web unit prices range $9.95 album, .99 cents/song and $19.95 Box Set (MP3/MP4/WAV)

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Music Entertainment mobile app

Music Entertainment mobile app

Step 3 – We promote your music for U.S. radio station play. Checkout Radio U.S. Stations that we work with on a regular basis – CLICK HERE. Promotional events will also be held at local book stores, clubs and public appearance venues in Nashville middle Tennessee. 

Step 4 – We help you maximize your brand for better merchandising opportunities with corporate sponsorship and business partners. For example, launching a line of fashion apparel with your brand logo. Mobile apps gaming is also a big revenue generator that may expand your brand. Web TV episodes and commercial ads and endorsements are lucrative.

Learn more about Mobile apps … 

To discuss your Music Projects Call 615-420-5153  

We are based out of Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 

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Mobile Ads Digital Coupons

digital reports new mobile web analytics performed best for companies deploying Internet advertising campaigns that use a combination of smart phone digital coupon with QR codes, Facebook and Yahoo Gemini mobile PPC social media content and YouTube video AdWords. A 25% jump in sales revenue is expected on-average.

Customer relationship management is more efficient utilizing a mix of social network content advertising and mobile app digital coupons targeted for better geolocation based retail sales. For example, retail shops and health care providers in Nashville Tennessee are using to generate repeat business on a more consistent basis.

As part of the overall brand loyalty ad campaign; a mobile video production of less than 2-minutes is viewed in its entirety about 65% of the time. Mobile video content advertising in particular leads to a 75% better call to action among consumers reported

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Startup Capital for Business

Finding startup capital for business in the age of crowd sourcing and social media networks is a whole lot easier than in previous times reported

Raising seed money for your new business or cause will benefit from a detailed mobile web presentation that busy smart phone and tablet executives can review online. Think big, make your startup a game changer. Nothing is impossible, be an industry leader.

Capital sources can be wealthy family members or angel investors. Venture capital firms with resources can help. Social network friends that have connections. Review crowdfunding and micro lending sites like and for startup capital says James Dean @ Small business bank loans should be a last option. Don’t get into debt. Remember just 1 in 10 startups last beyond three years.

Make sure your financial information is well researched, based on accurate profit margin data and production cost of goods. Have an in-depth study of the competition included in the business plan. What did the competition do correctly. And what areas for the industry can be upgraded for better returns-on-investment. Be sure to locate your startup business in a tax friendly environment hub like Nashville Tennessee USA.  

Recruit self-motivated, smart people to your startup company. Experience can be a benefit, although employees that think-outside-the-box are a big plus in the digital economy.

Each team member in your startup organization should have a defined role with significant experience in their niche i.e. accounting, business development sales, mobile app e-commerce programming.

Build a startup business that’s nimble, able to move quickly producing high quality results that add value to customers. The digital economy moves literally at light speed through fiber optic networks, so employ people who manage their time effectively.

Time your startup launch surrounding news worthy events and make sure everyone on Facebook and Twitter get the social media story. If there’s no true passion, it will never work. Accept criticism and learn from mistakes to achieve great success !

Create a unique DNA identity within the startup culture. Work hard and play hard. Embed team building events and activities outside the daily work experience. Make the startup experience fun and build enthusiasm for each person.

Recognize accomplishments at every level, even down to the janitor. Given your employees within the startup a sense of ownership in the business says James Dean @

Design a solid plan that’s detailed in financial and marketing analysis. Measure defining goals like sales and customer satisfaction to grow the business. Continious innovation through on-going training and education is a critical component of any startup business.

Automate in the production process ways to gain real-time snapshots of inventory, financial metrics, mobile web analytics etc.

You should be able to manage the entire startup business from a smart phone, tablet and laptop from any location using mobile applications.

Targeted projects may require outside principle consultants with decades of experience so your startup gets it right at relatively low costs. Don’t meddle through a project wasting time and money if your resources are inadequate to achieve high quality results … outsource if necessary.

Beta test everything, frequently. Construct systems that enable feedback from the marketplace. Drive customers to respond with better call-to-action rewards.