Social Gaming Networks $115 Billion Market 1.2 Billion Users

20111210_WOC914Retail businesses are lining up to advertise in web video gaming and interactive social networks like Twitch.TV that boasts 45 million viewers logging over 13 Billion minutes per month says James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM.

It’s a generational transformation among 1.2 Billion consumers that’s driving social network commerce worldwide. IHUMANMEDIA.COM estimates online gaming revenue to exceed $115 Billion (2015).

We’ve launched several Internet ad campaigns for companies like Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Toyota and Coca-Cola in gaming platforms including Twitch.TV reports Mr. Dean. It’s attractive cost per click returns are enticing … users become addicted to connecting with other online gamers. Many users participate by text, share strategy and learning to improve performance online.

gaming-console-q112-fig2Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox are the most popular gaming stations (Sony 40% market share vs. Microsoft 35%). Internet advertising in the online gaming space are shifting to “cost per action” versus “cost per click” metrics. The game console is a gateway now for retailers to reach young consumers.

Facebook is a good example of this shift towards interactive mobile Internet advertising. Mobile app users engage Facebook over 20% of the time on smartphones and tablets.

Google has also made big strides most notably YouTube online gaming ad revenue has also increased cost per action (CPA) is about 5.5% less expensive vs cost per click says Mr. Dean.


Online gaming is a phenomenon that attracts consumers worldwide, in fact it maybe one of the most powerful ways to build retail sales in foreign markets like China, India and Brazil says Mr. Dean.


A digital economy flourishes among young consumers under age 35 years old that make-up about 50% of the world’s population. Millennials can be reached in social networks, online gaming and mobile apps on smart phones, tablets and WiFi laptops. Language barriers melt away i.e. become less of an issue for business retailers advertising online in gaming platforms reports Mr. Dean.

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twitch tv 2


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