TTIP $164 Billion Mistake for U.S. Economy

corporate-tax-ratesMost Americans are not aware of the “Transatlantic Trade Agreement” yet but corporations can’t wait for it to be completed. The TTIP deal is great for businesses looking to escape high taxes (U.S 40% rate) in America instead moving manufacturing and production to more tax-friendly places like Ireland, UK, Germany and France says James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM.

The TTIP deal President Obama signed makes the European Union the largest market in the world. The Transatlantic Trade Agreement allows corporations to manufacture goods and services in foreign markets employing foreign labor WITH NO TARIFFS upon entry into the United States. With higher wages in America, we are finding businesses already shifting their major operations to foreign markets with much lower tax-basis like Mexico, Canada, Ireland and UK says Mr. Dean.

Many American’s recall NAFTA, a similar commerce trade agreement that hit the U.S. working class family hard in the wallet devastating their income and stunting jobs. Do you recall 1992 when Ross Perot said “we’re going to hear that giant sucking sound of jobs going South” … well stayed tuned America we’re about to see a giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas to Europe.

Many believe the United States given it’s massive $18 Trillion debt, poor education ranked (25th worldwide), broken health care system (with 75 million baby-boomers set to retire by 2016) and crumbling infrastructure ($3.6 Trillion) in upgrades needed … will leave the American people completely exposed and unable to compete on the world economic stage.

consumer-spending-2Overall, says Mr. Dean, our clients are looking for growing economic opportunity in emerging and developed countries that offer better tax structures friendly to business and political systems that are efficient; not riddled by special interest money that muddles the decision making process which has taken over the govt. leadership in the United States.

As a businessman, we’ve all got to make long-term choices on which markets present the best opportunity for prosperity but the United States has fallen way-down the list in this regard comments Mr. Dean.

money offshoreConsumer spending growth in America is anemic and about to get worse as the standard of living continues to drop. Inability of leaders in Washington D.C. to produce solutions is a long-term issue that will take the next 20-years to correct.

Business moves hyper-fast in a digital economy, companies aren’t gonna wait around for U.S. leaders to get their act together; there’s too many other greater business opportunities elsewhere says Mr. Dean.

Questions and answers on TTIP

If you have any question regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), we are ready to answer.

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