Web Development

iHumanMedia.com offers a wide range of affordable web development solutions using cost effective tools like WORDPRESS content social media and mobile apps for better e-commerce including and dynamic HTML5 custom web site designs.

Mr. Dean is a seasoned web development specialist able to translate your brand concept into an effective social commerce experience that reaches mobile Internet users on smart phones, tablets, wearable technology and laptops.

By design iHumanMedia.com, supports a range of entrepreneur ventures and Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. Checkout Gallery Web Designs 

We kick-off each project starting with a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish. This requires us to listen carefully to your priorities and make technical recommendations during the web design process in order to beat the competition reports Director, James Rickman @ iHumanMedia.com.

Ultimately, every business is seeking a better return on investment that also produces a value added benefit for the consumer says Mr. Dean. 

Our starter web design package is $550 flat rate. It’s ideal for the small – mid sized business looking to gain an Internet marketing presence. The standard web design package includes custom menu options, web graphic design 15 pages, URL domain name, SEO content writing, YouTube videos and social network links FACEBOOK, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. The package is affordable, a great way to launch new brands, retail store and professional services online.

Build Online Store LogoiHumanMedia.com is a leading WEB STORE retail developer. Sites include product shopping cart, QuickBooks accounting and web credit card processing for online retail sales. The robust starter WEB STORE development cost is $895 flat rate. Add up to 1,000 web retail products. The site is convenient to maintain using industry standard tools which we train you how to use upon completion of the web development start-up process.

Our entire 12 person web development team is located in Nashville Tennessee. We do not outsource overseas. The product is 100% MADE in AMERICA. We employ a cloud based business model to maximize efficiency. 

iHumanMedia.com web developers have over 25-years of experience in programming LAMP, PHP, CSS, HTML including CUSTOM design WORDPRESS, dynamic HTML5 WIX, content SEO, online VIDEO production, syndicated Blogs and Social Commerce marketing.

mobile smart phone useageResearch shows 95% of people access the Internet on a mobile device tablet or SMARTPHONE. All our web site designs are mobile. Business owners also find mobile apps effective as business management and accounting tools in reducing overhead expenses. It’s one of the primary reasons we use open architecture platforms like WORDPRESS asnd 3D Cart.

Nowadays consumers are tech savvy shopping online to compare prices, find locations with geospatial mobile apps and social media news content. Our web analytic data confirms that over 75% of consumers now communicate daily on social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter says Mr. Rickman.

iHumanMedia.com works with clients worldwide. Call #615-678-9092 … mobile apps social media Ecommerce web site Designs in English, Spanish, French & Chinese by James Dean 22-Years Mobile Web Engineer.

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