About Us

James DeanJames Dean is a leading MOBILE WEB ENGINEER with 25-years experience including;

- mobile apps programming for eCommerce including retail sales, geofence tools and brand loyalty awareness (QR codes and SMS text)

- social media marketing and advertising emphasis on web analytic metrics, online video production and SEO content blogs

- responsive user experience ONLINE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS and web graphic designs with language apps for English, Spanish, French and Chinese 

Mr. Dean’s programming skills include HTML5, jQuery, WORDPRESS, CSS, SnapPages and Google Android mobile apps including POS inventory tracking and Accounting systems.

Early on, James solidified his career as Director of Business Development @ AVID TECHNOLOGIES which lead to IPO (NASDAQ). He continued entrepreneurial success developing BorisFX.com and network video broadcast @ USTREAM CORP.

Known as a mobile web pioneer, Mr. Dean offers strategic web development and mobile apps for clients in a wide range of markets worldwide. Checkout services portfolio below. 

Pay per Click Advertising and Internet marketing Services (return on investment – web analytic metrics)

Mobile Apps – HTML5, jQuery, Google Android – Responsive MOBILE Commerce Solutions 

Social Media Marketing Campaigns – Advertising Pay per Click – Blog Social Network 

Web site Design Gallery – Ecommerce Retail Business Web Stores & Industrial Solutions 

Video Production – MOBILE Streaming Video Events, Advertising web Marketing social Media 

James Dean is a Masters Degree graduate of Boston University with decades of business experience in digital media and mobile networks including certifications as Google Web Master & Adobe Creative Suite Multimedia Producer. 

iHumanMedia.com is an affiliate of  GOOGLE Entrepreneur Groups  mentoring FORTUNE 1000 corporations and small business start-ups to achieve success. Offices Nashville, Tennessee USA, CANADA and Mexico. 

iHumanMedia.com mobile app top clients

iHumanMedia.com mobile app top clients

Mr. Dean offers mobile Internet development solutions for clients in a range of industries such as healthcare, heavy equipment construction, financial services, retail stores, broadcast media entertainment and food / hospitality. – Mr. Dean’s LinkedIn

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