Mobile Apps

Is your online business Mobile? Does your retail store have a ‘Geofence’ location based mobile app to build customer loyalty? 

Does your website display correctly across multiple mobile devices?

Is the customer experience ‘responsive’ on smart phones and tablets?

Did you know a single click mobile app can increase sales by 25% or more.

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By 2015, over 7.5 BILLION mobile devices worldwide reports James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM. Shoppers buy using mobile web 65% of the time now. Social media users 58% access network on mobile Internet smart phone, tablet or laptop  

Checkout Android Mobile Apps JellyBean, GingerBread, Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Froyo … Google development Kit 

Mobile Internet Global web mobile app and social media programmers offer over 25-years experience for Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, Windows OS Phone, Bada, and Symbian.

We use flexible industry standard mobile app platforms such as jQuery, HTML5, native API’s, JavaScript API’s and Apache Cordova. Mobile apps are portable to any mobile device. 

9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to an action and 50% lead to a purchase – over 65% of all web searches now via MOBILE wireless smart phone, tablet and laptop.

70% of mobile online searches lead to an action within an hour, while 70% of desktop online searches lead to an action within a month. Mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than traditional online ads.

Mobile Internet Facts & Anlaysis 2013 pngMobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than traditional online ads

40% of tablet owners said they have looked up information on a show on their tablet while they were watching that same show

74% of smartphones users use their phones for shopping, and of that 79% make a purchase as a result of using their phones

Mobile coupons have a redemption rate 10 times higher than that of print coupons

Connected Customer

Connected Customer

50% of smartphones users have bought a product on their phone

73% of smartphones users reported having used the mobile web to shop, instead of an app

60% of web users say they expect a mobile site to load on their phone in 3 seconds or less

95% smartphone users looked up local news, information, of that 61% called and 59% visited the business looking to buy

Mobile leadership requires both conceptual vision and technical expertise. With over 150 apps in the App Store iOS and Google Android Marketplace and several million downloads, brings the innovative mobile app experience that transforms your concept into reality. Reach more customers, get mobile app solution !

Checkout our portfolio of sample work below and explore our client projects. Mobile app development costs range from $3,850 to $55,000+ depending on your project specifications.

Get Your Business Mobile Apps – Questions Call 615-678-9092


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