Social Media

Social media newsSocial media marketing, Advertising PPC campaigns and SEO content writing Blogs are crucial elements for your business to grow reports James Dean @

Geographic targeting of customers is highly effective. Our research finds that 45% prefer to buy local from within a 10-miles radius.

But your business must be MOBILE with over 65% of consumers purchasing retail products and services on MOBILE INTERNET devices such as a smart phone, tablet and laptops.

A responsive website user experience across multiple devices is important for better ECOMMERCE says Mr. Dean.

Our clients gain a range of social media marketing services at affordable rates including;

SEO CONTENT WRITING (12-articles) $395 rate per month (blogs posted in Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Tumblr …)

Advertising Pay per Click / Pay per Action mobile networking Campaigns $675 rate per month (social network advertising platforms)

Rewrite Web site Content using optimal keyword analytic programming tools $395 rate 10-20 pages (geolocation based search optimization)

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