How Robots and Nanotechnologies Impact Human Life

Today, robot nanotechnologies are improving human life overall writes Director, James Dean. We are entering an exciting time, I have come to define as “The iHuman Evolution”. In this new iHuman Evolution, we will experience the acceleration in our ability to better human life in terms of “quality”, “care” and “length” using robotics and nanotechnology. Once only science fiction, the age of robotics is changing the human condition by enabling rapid prototyping and innovations that use organic biotechnology compounds. The digital age is broadening our individual purpose beyond simple routine administrative tasks that once filled our day. Businesses are automating such routine job functions for greater productivity to the point where humans may no longer be required to bother with menial tasks.

For example, companies are using mobile cloud computing to automate business management applications.  Technology is gradually shifting human labor functions putting greater emphasis on knowledge based training adds Mr. Dean. READ MORE CLICK HERE …

3D Modeling      Technology Impact on Jobs

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