3D Printed Green Car – URBEE EV Hybrid 15 Gallons Goes 2900 Miles New York to San Francisco

Why do we need an energy efficient automobile asks business development guru, James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. The answer is simple; the growing “population” among human beings will reach eight billion by 2025. Demand for energy worldwide will quadruple as middle class populations expand in emerging markets. The rapid increase in CO2 emissions is causing severe economic costs worldwide due to climate change and worsening weather conditions.

If nothing is done to change course now, China and India will become like the United States with over 60% of CO2 emissions from light vehicle and trucks. Each gallon of gasoline emits 18 pounds of carbon released from the vehicle’s tail pipe into the atmosphere. The result of exploding global populations emitting CO2 pollution in much greater abundance hastens global warming ten-fold increasing severe weather patterns, earthquakes and environmental hazards comments Mr. Dean. The costs are not sustainable if we do nothing the devastating impact of climate change will cripple the economy.

So, finding “green energy” solutions that help the economy grow and people live healthier lifestyles is a planetary requirement for sustainability. Green energy investments are creating new high wage jobs for the future. Better access to affordable education in the United States, particularly math, science and technology are needed in order to remain competitive versus emerging markets.

The Urbee (green car) is a giant step in auto manufacturing using Stratasys 3D Printer composite technology; a car can be produced within hours drastically reducing costs up to 85% during production.

The Urbee 2 project will produce a vehicle that will travel from New York to San Francisco over 2900 miles within 45 hours on-average speed of 69 miles per hour using less than 15 gallons of biofuel combined with electric power for the ENTIRE trip writes Nashville Tennessee businessman , James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com


LEARN WHAT SCIENTISTS ARE SAYING CLICK HERE http://www.ucsusa.org/clean_vehicles/why-clean-cars/global-warming/

3D AUTO CAD READ MORE http://sustainabilityworkshop.autodesk.com/project-gallery/urbee-whole-systems-thinking-cleaner-car


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