Are Humans Ready for Cyber Bots And Machine Synthetic Intelligence ?

Working on artificial intelligence mobile apps to control remote devices is a passion that I’ve come to realize will raise complex ethical, religious and economic questions in the next decade says James Dean @ Automation is transforming the competitive economic outlook worldwide. 

America's tax systemSeveral challenges face many of the companies leading the charge in robotics. For example, America is hampered by its archaic tax system (WSJ 2014) that’s scaring off venture capital investment. The outdated U.S. corporate tax codes are eroding business innovation says Mr. Dean. Therefore, automation is necessary in the United States in-order to compete in the global economy.

Much needed capital is flowing elsewhere, placing a tough burden to remain competitive on technology companies in America. The health care industry ‘tax inversion’ by pharmaceutical and medical-device companies is a great example. A similar model could appeal to the robotics industry, as well.

So how does that translate into American’s ability to lead the world in cyber security, smart robots and artificial intelligence? 

Even if the United States were able to lead the cyber world … Are humans ready for machine robots and synthetic intelligence that’s just a few years away from public introduction? 

Robots take Jobs from Humans

Most people are unaware that corporations are preparing to embed thinking machines into our everyday lives. Initially, many of these bots will perform routine functions that will replace human labor. 

Artificial intelligence research groups like Honda Advanced Humanoids, ABB ROBOTICS, Boston Scientific, iRobot Corp. and Novamente LLC are leading us into a brave new world. 
But, I question many times whether people are ready for the inevitable transformation which is uncomfortably close says Mr. Dean. We see this change already taking hold in the workplace where human labor is being replaced by automation. For example, about 75% of all Americans use mobile apps, everyday to perform tasks. Routine and personal chores are automated now. 
Mobile network developers like are helping retailers improve business with apps such as geofencing technology that will increasingly have significant socioeconomic impact. 
For example, we already find a decline in religion with 77% of Americans now questioning traditional beliefs. What are the psychological effects of robotics on traditional beliefs?
Implementing advanced mobile technologies like Google Glass has begun the integration of nanotechnologies into the human body comes with the vast responsibility to balance interest of profits vs. added benefit to people says Mr. Dean. 
Collaborative cloud computing projects by leading researchers like PhD, Ben Goertzel and Hugo DeGaris are disruptive technologies that alter the foundation of our traditional human belief systems. Innovative solutions coming from the United States is already eroding as other countries take on global leadership positions. 
For example, venture capital investment has increasingly begun to flow into emerging countries like Brazil, Africa, China, India, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore and others.  In many, respects the Chinese have already taken a global leadership position in developing humanoid intelligent machines. Often robots function as companion helpers, disaster relief and drone space explorers - See China's Change 3 Spacecraft


PhD, Ben Goertzel – Wikipedia – Machine Intelligence


Over the next five years, authorities in the eastern China province of Zhejiang, a manufacturing hub, will invest $82 billion USD to help 5,000 companies per year swap humans for machines. CLICK READ – China Daily reports.

Labor costs have been rising almost 16% annually in the Chinese province, and switching over to machines could trim the need for 700,000 jobs, according to the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission. Of course, robot producers are quick to point out that using their products doesn’t necessarily mean job cuts.

“Replacing workers with robots in dangerous and unhealthy working environments and using them for more creative jobs will be an inevitable choice for China’s manufacturing sector,” said Li Gang, China robotics head at the Zurich-based industrial robot producer ABB.

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