Mobile App Platform Tools New JOBS for Mobile Internet Business

Mobile Internet Global web UseageDeveloping mobile apps that are portable across multiple OS platforms is no easy task even for a tech geek like myself, it requires extensive beta testing says Director, James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM. Increasingly, our clients are hiring us to develop mobile apps to monitor and control external appliances in home settings and places of business that involve enterprise management and geofencing tools.

The rapid advancement of mobile devices has already gone beyond just smart phone, tablets and laptops. Now we’re seeing wearable gear, home appliance and auto mobile app innovations. Gaming is another big area of revenue growth (up 35%) among mobile advertisers on Facebook, Google and Apple iOS.

Mobile application development is like putting together a giant puzzle with pieces from several kits that must be durable and flexible enough to be tossed around. So the careful initial planning and dynamic strategy campaign setup is critical to success of mobile applications development adds Mr. Rickman.

Most entrepreneurs understand now their business must GO MOBILE. Here’s a few stats that prove WHY … By 2015, over 7.5 BILLION mobile Internet device users worldwide. Shoppers buy products and services using mobile Internet 65% of the time now.

Social media users 58% access their network on mobile web smart phone, tablet or laptop. Significant revenue growth opportunities for mobile apps in home and vehicle automation; estimated to grow by 25% annually says Mr. Rickman. Our Google analytic research shows 16 million searches monthly for “mobile phone” keywords.

Mobile App Programming Tools Recommended 

At programmers use mobile app and social media tools for Apple iOS, Windows OS Phone, Google Android, Blackberry, Bada, and Symbian. We recommend using flexible industry standard mobile app platforms such as HTML5, jQuery, native API’s, JavaScript and Apache Cordova. Mobile apps are portable to any mobile Internet device.

PROS & CONS … Mobile API’s

  • Native – Program a new mobile app using the native APIs for each platform. This gives the best-looking, most functional apps, but is not portable, its device specific. This option is highly effective but most expensive to develop ranging from $25,000 – $75,500 total.
  • Hybrid -Uses native parts portable across platforms. Frequently consists of an HTML and JavaScript core, wrapped in a native layer. PhoneGap is industry standard approved offers good value across OS devices, project costs $6,500 to $32,000 range. 
  • Cross-compilation – A variant of hybrid, it uses non-native languages, which are then compiled to the native platform. Xamarin is the primary vendor of this approach. I like several features about using Xamarin, while developing mobile apps says Mr. Rickman.
  • HTML5 – The most portable solution but off-the-shelf non-native look and apps, may lack access to some device capabilities. The platform is supported by W3C open source. HTML5 offers good functionally, lower development costs $3,500 to $25,000 

Mobile Device Management … IT Cloud Computing Services (MDM)

There are a number of (MDM) mobile device management firms that perform IT cloud computing services across multiple platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android. MDM technicians like and MOBI wireless management such as processing daily transactions to securing corporate data and handling an influx of personally owned devices. 

mobile smart phone useageCareer as … Mobile Applications Developer 

On-average, the starting compensation for a mobile apps developer is between $65,000 to $85,000 per year. Senior mobile app developers with three or more years experience get paid anywhere from $75,000 t0 $130,000 per year salary plus benefits. Jobs Report Indeed

Key Skills Desired … IT Cloud Computing Jobs 

Tech developers skilled in Amazon Web Services i.e. cloud computing services. Open Source. Workers with knowledge of Linux and configuration management services like chef and Puppet, programming languages like Python, Perl and Ruby are in HIGH demand.

DevOps Engineers – Technical people that bring expertise to the table in development and operations skills are highly desirable. Over 200 jobs postings in DevOps can be found on any given day, Dice says.

Programming and MOBILE APPs development. Workers with these skills will enable IT to better meet business needs. Project management. With the demand for new applications that businesses need to stay competitive, more project managers are needed.

cloud computing

Business intelligence / web analytic. The BUZZ word here is BIG DATA … companies are always looking for people to analyze the overwhelming amounts of information on their systems.

Cloud – Mobile apps and device management. BYOD (bring your own device) leads in the enterprise, workers are needed to handle management of those different devices as well as build mobile business apps to support enterprise needs

Networking – remains an evergreen skill set and network administration was the second mostly highly sought-after skill cited almost 50% of CIOs, reports Robert Half Technology.

Virtualization – Increasingly organizations are moving toward deploying virtual servers and IT doesn’t always have a good understanding of how to make the transition from physical servers.

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