Over 60 Million Albums Eight GOLD CAT STEVENS Then And Now

CAT STEVENSCAT Stevens ruled the music world back in the 1970’s with the likes of Elton John; CAT’s sold over 60 million albums including eight GOLD reports Director, James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM. CAT has a wonderful sense of humor with a genuinely humane approach to life. His diverse cultural experience is an asset for America.

CAT is a peace activist and thinker who chose to convert to Muslim religion to find happiness. CAT Stevens also known as Yusuf Islam is one of the most gifted musicians of our time writing and performing classic songs.

Today, CAT Stevens is working with Nashville Tennessee producers like Steven Buckingham and his daughter whom lives in the local area on touring America.

Steve Buckingham is Vanderbilt music professor at Blair School of Music. Buckingham is one of the most successful American record producer, and four-time Grammy winner with 27 number one singles to his credit. He has been awarded 11 Platinum and 19 Gold albums. He has produced Top Ten singles on eleven different charts: Pop, country, rhythm and blues,jazz, adult contemporary, Americana, bluegrass, Christian, Hispanic, triple A and dance.

“A positive bridge between two divergent cultures like CAT Stevens is an important opportunity for America to connect with the Muslim world through music and art which transcends cultural and language boundaries says Mr. Dean.” 

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