Geofence Mobile Ads Social Media Commerce 78% Consumers Prefer Local Business

Today, companies like American Express have partnered with FOURSQUARE, a leading mobile app to streamline and capture more business. Localization for any business increases the chance of a sale by 78% or more says Director, James Rickman @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM. For example, businesses that work with American Express are significantly growing revenue with FOURSQUARE mobile apps by reaching more smart phone and tablet customers at lower “cost per click” rates. Social media marketing on FOURSQUARE, YELP and FACEBOOK are helping our clients localize their Internet marketing campaign adds Mr. Rickman. 

Our SEO programmers often manage “geofence” mobile ad campaigns for restaurant and fitness club owners, Music City Honky Tonks, real estate agents, car dealer and retail stores throughout Brentwood, Nashville and Franklin Tennessee says Mr. Rickman. By targeting local customers geographically on smartphones and tablets, we significantly increase the percentage of sales while lowering the cost per click (PPC) advertising expenses. 

Foursquare web analyticsFOURSQUARE is a leading mobile social media network platform that provides low cost mobile advertising “pay per click” for smart phone and tablet users. The ability to reach local customer geographically on mobile devices is very cost effective with a high probability of closing the sale.

Average cost per click on FOURSQUARE ranges from .35 to 2.45 generally for our clients reports Mr. Rickman. We manage entire mobile ad campaigns on FOURSQUARE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LINKED-IN platforms setting the mobile ad budget according to the client’s resources. So for small business owners the entire mobile ad budget is often between $350 to $950 per month. Generally, we charge a flat rate $195 per month (25 project hours) to manage it all says Mr. Rickman, Commerce Web Designs (Affiliate of 

Geofence mobile advertising works like this … if a customer is walk or sitting in their car in the local area they may want to shop for new clothes … so they use their smartphone to search for deals in nearby stores … WALA! your FOURSQUARE mobile ad listing pops up drawing the customer to your retail store. Mobile apps on FOURSQUARE allow our programmers custom settings for better ad cost savings.


Over 100 million people can find your business through Foursquare and our partners. Potential customers see your listing when they search for places to go – they can look at photos and tips people leave, call you directly from our app, or look up your address so that they can stop by.

What to Add to your FOURSQUARE

Your listing includes basic information like your address and phone number, but you should make sure it’s accurate. Plus, you should add:

  • A business description … PLUS COUPON DISCOUNT SALE OFFERS 
  • Hours of operation
  • Your website
  • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Menus (for food and services)
  • Details (payment options, WiFi, delivery, and more)


GEOFENCE Restaurant Mobile Ads

People who have checked in or look at your business page will see local updates you post to Foursquare – there’s no need for customers to subscribe, you already have a built in audience.

You can create and post updates easily, anytime. Your customers will see your updates on their phone, along with anyone who views your business listing.

What Your Mobile Ads Should Say !

Updates can be anything you want to tell your customers. Tell them about:

  • a new item
  • a sale or discount
  • general announcements
  • an upcoming event
  • your loyalty program
  • a charity drive
  • special guests
  • holiday hours
  • a show or exhibition

QR CODES using Foursquare also extend in-store messaging or as another channel for your current promotional efforts.  Tip: Add a picture to your update to make your business look even more enticing says Director, James Rickman @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM.

foursquare  restaurant Foursquare Foursquare mobile Internet social commerce says iHumanMedia com

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