U.S. Needs Comprehensive Energy And Infrastructure Overhaul Plan Creates GDP Growth Plus New Jobs

Affordable domestic clean energy under $2.25 per unit such as natural gas and hydrogen fuel cells that deliver power through a smart electric grid to businesses and home owners is ideal for the next 50-years producing a near ZERO EMISSIONS sustainable U.S. economy says Director, James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM

“The most effective way to grow the U.S. economy is to lower costs through better energy independence and streamline taxes to draw manufacturers back to America in order to create new working class jobs. Better technical training programs funded by major companies is a key ingredient to doing this writes Mr. Dean.” 

Education is also evolving in America to meet the knowledge intensive “Digital Economy” that is heavily reliant on high capacity battery (ion lithium) for mobile Internet networks and cloud computing platforms.

For example, Google fiber optics in Nashville Tennessee enables 1GB data speeds download and upload speeds for greater digital commerce reports iHumanMedia.com. The added security fiber optic networks provide is a long-range benefit to the United States buffering it from atmospheric disruptions that will affect wireless devices.

In business retail ,we’re already finding that social networks have changed the face of advertising and marketing campaigns reaching new customers on smart phones, tablets and wearable devices like the Apple iWatch adds Mr. Dean.

It’s practical thinking to drive a comprehensive U.S. domestic energy and infrastructure plan that enables our country to become more self-sufficient with carbon clean and cost effective smart grid technologies i.e. electric powered vehicles, natural gas and hydrogen industrial solutions.

The average American citizen doesn’t need a NASA scientist to notice that climate change is real; affecting the U.S. economy now hundreds of billions per year adds Mr. Dean. Sustainable energy practices are clearly better for the environmental health of the world.

ZERO emission goals of comprehensive energy planning is a healthy organic way to live and think so its a great legacy to hand-off to future generations. READ NATURAL GAS NORTH AMERICA REPORT ..

The United States has 3.5 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves available for export trade and capable of powering America’s domestic needs for almost 100 years says Mr. Dean.

Recently a McKinsey report highlighted the productive shift to natural gas which offers game-changing, economic benefits for the nation. According to the report:

“Powered by advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the production of domestic shale gas and oil has grown more than 50 percent annually since 2007. The shale boom could add as much as $690 billion a year to GDP and create up to 1.7 million jobs across the economy by 2020.

“… If the United States fully realizes the opportunity, shale energy could revitalize the oil and gas industry, have downstream benefits for energy-intensive manufacturing, and send ripple effects across the economy. We estimate that it could add 2 to 4 percent ($380 billion to $690 billion) to annual GDP and create up to 1.7 million permanent jobs by 2020. This could be an important source of high-wage employment for workers without college degrees, generating economic activity in parts of the country that have seen little investment in recent decades.” (emphasis added)

Natural gas emits 50% LESS carbon dioxide than coal and 35% FEWER emissions than petroleum to generate power thru turbines like GE’s … CLICK HERE http://www.ge-energy.com/products_and_services/products/generators/

Cost comparisons of natural gas heat (average $732 over six months during winter) versus oil heat (averages $2,535) for U.S. households.

Hydrogen is another clean energy source the United States should begin to implement in vehicles adds Mr. Dean.

Hyundai, South Korean auto manufacturing just announced it’s new Hydrogen Fuel CELL SUV (Intrado).

Hydrogen fuel cells are driving advanced auto engineering with clean energy power trains that produce true U.S. energy independence for the future with cars like the Hyundai Intrado says Mr. Dean.

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