U.S. Model Helps Homeless Families Nashville Safe Haven Community

Poverty impacts 16% of the U.S. population that’s 50 million people daily. Economic hardship is a major factor in the deterioration of strong family units across the country says Director, James Dean @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM But organizations like SAFE HAVEN in Nashville Tennessee serve as successful models to combat family poverty by offering accessible job training and housing opportunities provided by local businesses and a community of faith based individuals.

As the cost of education continues to rise high wage jobs becoming increasingly out of reach for average families across the United States. Funding for technical job training and trade skilled mentoring programs are critical to provide a bridge out of poverty says Mr. Dean. It’s like providing a “fishing pole” to a person so they can remain self-sufficient … affordable education enables a sustainable life-long process that propels an individuals sense of dignity and prosperity for generations.

The epidemic of poverty cannot be solved without affordable education access to advanced college technical training, health care and childhood learning programs for working class families. Its time for a deeper commitment from corporations to reinvest in our people. Most important is the strengthening of family units across America.

America desperately needs a modern infrastructure upgrade that includes FREE Internet wireless access throughout the country so anyone can log-in to web based content information and educational materials i.e. video presentations online.


Community based groups like SAFE HAVEN are the best option to provide tangible results on a local level. It’s a successful model because of the close community relationships grounded in providing real solutions to families living in poverty. Each individual case maybe different, so a one size fits all FEDERAL agency would NOT be effective adds Mr. Dean.


poverty income and education

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