Wearable Mobile Technology Revenue $25 Billion 450 Million Units Forecast 2020 Glasses, Smart Watches, Organic Nano-Tech Apparel

iHumanMedia.com estimates 450 million wearable mobile devices will be sold by 2020. It’s exciting to see the new innovations coming out of the wearable technology market like fitness and health care monitors, geolocation social networking and multimedia video entertainment.

Among the many innovation is the ability to program voice command mobile apps for wearable technology. iHumanMedia.com developers are building on platforms like GOOGLE WEAR, a version of Android and Apple iOS. Most recently, the firm has begun development of mobile apps for Android Auto. 

Wearable mobile device revenues will reach $25 Billion by 2020. Companies that will lead the wearable technology market include Samsung, Google, Apple, Nike, Panasonic, Sony, Fitbit Inc., Jawbone and Intel reports iHumanMedia.com. 

There’s a high probability based on iHumanMobile.com research that wearable technologies will eventually replace bulky smartphones that are not organic to fit within our daily apparel and sense of style.

Learn More About Wearable Mobile Technology @ Crunchwear.com

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