About Chromebook Google Review by James Dean

Google’s new Chromebook is the latest craze among mobile Internet users looking for a portable Chrome browser workstation based on the Android platform. I love the convenience of downloading thousands of mobile app from the Google PlayStore reports James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

About Chromebook Google Review by James Dean
About Chromebook Google Review by James Dean

Cloud based applications like Google Drive provide excellent word processing, dynamic sales presentation templates, shared Calendars, spreadsheet tools and social media content marketing tools. 

Security features are handled by Google, so when a Chromebook user logs-in to the Internet it eliminates most of the harmful viruses that’s often a major probable using Windows. Free updates are available upon Chrome log-in for instant cyber-security solutions. 

Google handles the back-end IT network administrative functions online; so it’s a very cost effective platform comments Mr. Dean. This allows small business owners a level of technical comfort that is unique across multiple platforms. The Chromebook mobile apps can be shared with smart phones, tablet (touch screen) and wearable technologies.

I recommend the Chromebook HP 14-inch HD at just $299; it’s a real bargain. For added file storage, I connect an external hard drive via USB port with a Terrabyte of disk space. The laptop comes with 4GB memory and 16GB solid state drive which allows me to store key documents that are frequently used for rapid email blasts etc.

The key board on the HP Chromebook 14-inch is robust and feels very durable to the touch. The keys are responsive as I pound away while spitting out a vast amount of social media content and technical information daily. The battery life on the HP Chromebook is FANTASTIC, the best longevity that I’ve ever experienced on a mobile device says Mr. Dean.

Several Android mobile applications like Scribble allow me to work OFF-LINE (without having to log-in) on the Chromebook. This is great in a pinch while I’m idling throughout the day in odd places I can still be performing tasks.

Google Chromebook BEST VALUE mobile Internet device
Google Chromebook BEST VALUE mobile Internet device

Local WiFi connections at Starbucks, public library and client businesses are FREE Internet access on the Chromebook HP which is also equipped with a built-in T-Mobile smart-device web card that can be used from any location worldwide says Mr. Dean. T-Mobile offers a great plan at $50 per month 7GB streaming data video, audio and graphics.

Overall, I highly recommend the Google Chromebook as a very cost effective, portable Internet device that is ideal for 85% of daily business activities such as client sales support, social media networking and multimedia content development in applications like WORDPRESS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube video and Google Drive.

I feel the HP Google Chromebook is the BEST mobile computer device that I have ever used says Mr. Dean. The navigation (API) menu interface is simple very easy to use, far superior to Microsoft Windows 8 which most people can’t stand … me included. Windows attempts cram random updates and pop-ups down-our-throats which makes the user experience miserable.

It’s a joy every morning now to wake-up and go to work online without the nightmare of using Windows. Thank You Google for Chromebook ! And Thank You HP !  


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