300% Sales Increase – White Lightning ‘Ole Smoky’ Tennessee Moonshine Whiskey

Historically, moonshiners have crafted secret family recipes for over 100 years in Tennessee says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. White lightning or moonshine as many people call it, bares all the brand legacy, culture and science that has always embodied the spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship in America.

When it comes to top quality moonshine, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is arguably the best ever made. It comes in a variety of flavors, with that extra special kick ‘Ole Smoky’ delivers … an American family secret, perfected for generations.

Recently, Tennessee made moonshine production a legal tax paying business. A couple of years back legal moonshine sales were just 50,000 cases. But today, moonshine sales are over 300,000 cases annually reports Mr. Dean.

Ole Smoky Tennessee has a healthy 68% market share of all legal moonshine sold in the United States (other brands include Midnight Moon and White Mountain Moonshine).

moonshinedistillThe average mason jar of moonshine whisky is priced at $25 to $50 depending on proof (80 or 100 +). Most often sold in mason jars, moonshiners can net $6,000 per week income. It’s a niche market with a very strong barrier to entry build on the legacy of generations, family stories and culture that make producing legal ‘moonshine’, a fantastic brand marketing opportunity says Mr. Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

Recently, I had the chance to step into the Ole Smoky, family run moonshine distillery. The art of moonshining is a closely guarded skill most often found in the heart of the Appalachia mountains, deep in the remote forest regions. I visited the Ole Smoky facility in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Where for many, the tradition of moonshine is like a religion, so to speak.

The distillation process of moonshine consist of several metal drums, copper pipes and differing heat sources in order to heat up the mash (ingredients of sugar, starch and fruit or grain product). Several elements such as mash and fresh water creek sources, go into making high quality white lightning. States that a known to produce the best moonshine include Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Moonshining is most popular in the southeastern part of the United States, especially among citizens in the farming community; mainly because farmers had the varying produce available in order to manufacture illegal liquor. Some of this produce included: corn, barley, apples, and grapes. It has been said that when Tennessee farmers could not sell their produce from their crop, they would turn the leftover produce into moonshine whisky; which they would then turn for a profit.

Learn more Visit  www.olesmoky.com 

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