95% Click Rate Mobile SMS Text Message Geo-Target Customers

text_message_marketingUsing advanced SMS text message marketing campaigns really targets local consumers driving better sales comments James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

As part of your business website contact form and opt-in mobile Internet marketing programs, always be sure to include a phrase that ‘consumer agrees to receive your updates via text message’ for all the latest business updates, news and discount sales.

Keep in mind, compared to the 1.8 Billion surfing the Internet at any moment, it pales in comparison to the 5.2 Billion MOBILE phone and tablet users that can be accessed 24/7. Mobile video is highly effective.

addicted to mobile phoneiHumanMedia.com reports that 65% of people sleep with their smart phone on and over 58% are ‘addicted’ to checking their mobile phone every hour. About 60% of consumers use smartphones daily to go online for shopping, get news and chat in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest says Mr. Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

Developing your SMS text social networking solution is a great way to build customer loyalty. Customers LOVE IT because they get real-time updates, many times their in the local neighborhood … so text message advertising a highly effective geo-location based retail sales option adds Mr. Dean.

sleep with cell phone on


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