Build Startup

Rachel Derkits-GelmanBuild your start-up business for 2015. The new year will bring prosperity, challenges and greater personal awareness says James Dean @

Finding the right balance for your business creates a better customer experience. Go ahead, begin to develop the business and your personal goals to achieve success adds Mr. Dean.

The e-commerce web development team at has realized a jump in proactive entrepreneurs taking on the challenge of building a startup business. Work Smart ! 

Retired seniors are increasingly creating new business opportunities. Consider building a product or service that targets seniors. Perhaps, you have an idea for home based health care.

Here’s a few video tips designed to help you build momentum and create a better business plan for success. If you need assistance developing your new business – SUBMIT PROJECT REQUEST. 

Google for Entrepreneurs, and General Assembly have partnered up to create “Tools for Entrepreneurs,” video classes for entrepreneurs to grow their skills and grow their businesses.

If you have a great product idea and a hunch about what people will want. Now it’s time to test and refine your ideas. Designer and entrepreneur Rachel Derkits-Gelman will give you tools and methods to conduct user research, turn observations into actionable insights, and define the basic value proposition and core feature set of your minimum viable product.

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