Twitter, Google Organic SEO

Twitter posted tweets and mobile ads are getting Google organic search optimization beginning 2016 reports

So what does it all mean … well to start the Google search engine improves with Twitter MOBILE updates, posted YouTube video and photos. This generates a steady flow of new content and information 24/7 that’s organic content streaming into Google. Ad revenue will benefit from a larger audience of mobile users.

For Twitter, the Google search engine deal extends its global reach dramatically into emerging foreign markets. READ MORE …

Twitter geography

It’s a smart addition to Google’s social network transformation which better merges the search engine with smart phone and tablet users. A big plus for Twitter and Android would be the tight integration of GOOGLE MAPS. Twitter users should be able to access the Google map from the user dashboard. Mobile mapping drives localized customer traffic for a better shopping experience. For example retail stores, restaurants, health care clinics, car dealers and real estate agents benefit.

Twitter is also upgrading tools for business owners to build text marketing and social media content as an integral part of web marketing campaigns reports YouTube video is important to the new Twitter plan. 

Checkout SMS text marketing data …

Web analytic metrics like ‘revenue per visitor’ for Twitter are favorable versus Facebook. Although, recommends your business implement a variety of mobile brand ad campaigns targeted to both Twitter and Facebook users.

twitter ads

Mobile video marketing on YouTube adwords is also cost-effective with very low (CPC) cost per click rates versus both Twitter and Facebook. However, each ad platform is specific to the type of items sold. For example, Facebook is great at promoting ’cause based’ campaigns while Twitter is better at driving sales of e-commerce retail reports


Web analytic data shows more than 50% of all Facebook ads fail to record a sale, although they get LIKES. But retail branding on Facebook such as LIQUIDATION SALES have provided significant sales return-on-investment. Facebook is effective at selling certain items and as a social media news channel.

Google insiders confirmed to that similar ‘firehose Twitter’ deals are in the works potentially with Pinterest and (Yahoo!) to push new organic search content to users. This effort to integrate promoted social media content in Google organic search helps to stem declining ad revenue. It also positions Google as the platform of affiliate ads displayed on third-party web sites from Twitter and other partners. Yahoo! should take a page out of Google’s organic search playbook with similar partnerships.

Content marketing using original stories and news is still very cost-effective and if done correctly can grab top ranking in Google search engine optimization. Original content that’s localized i.e. geographically targeted to growing markets like Portland, OR and Nashville, TN is a great way for a small business to increase sales reports

Google and Yahoo / BING search engines are both committed to pushing ‘creative ideas and innovation’ that result from new content. Social networks engage 85% of all Internet users providing a sustainable flow of information from MOBILE users on smart phones and tablets. Mobile social media networks are a worldwide phenomenon offering personalized news and e-commerce opportunities that businesses are leveraging to promote their products and services.

Don’t forget YouTube is a leading source of social media news that rivals Facebook and Twitter, so Google is making smart adjustments to keep its search engine relevant in the MOBILE network space with its latest ‘firehose Twitter’ deal.

social media news

social media

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