3D Virtual Shopping

About 65% of U.S. consumers shop online now at least twice per month but this trend is growing exponentially as the retail e-commerce experience becomes more convenient and cost-effective reports iHumanMobile.com.

Online shoppers are buying clothes, books and electronics 69% of the time using mobile smart phones and tablets. New technology like ‘3D Virtual Shopping’ will make the online retail experience even more inspiring. By integrating 3D motion tools and voice automation, retailers are developing new ways to reduce overhead in stores using ‘Geofencing’, RFID tags and self-service kiosks like Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows. For example, Macy’s announced its automating store labor.

Shoppers visit stores to gain experience with a product but more often decide to purchase it online. FULL REPORT…

Retailers are scrambling to offer mobile app technologies like Kinect’s Natural User Interface technology (NUI) to improve their customer’s experience and reduce retail store overhead by 55% on-average reports iHumanMedia.com. This 3D virtual evolution will transform retail stores worldwide, starting in developed regions like Japan, United States, and Europe; where foot traffic will remain markedly lower given aging population demographics.

Fast food restaurants like MacDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway are also beginning to implement self-serve kiosks that enable customers to order using a touch-screen panels. Automation has accelerated the loss of low wage jobs, a long-term trend.


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