Google 65% Sites Fail New Mobile Search Engine Algorithm

cropped-mobile-business-web-site.jpgJust 35% of websites are “mobile responsive” meeting standards to display correctly on any smart phone (iOS – Android), tablet and wearable technologies like smart watches reports Google Web Analytics Team.

Google has announced the search engine algorithm has changed favoring MOBILE sites with rich content media and localized customer fulfillment such as CRM apps.

If your website is not MOBILE device “responsive” in compliance with Google standards; it means your business Internet search ranking will drop-off.  

As a Google partner helps business owners upgrade their websites to comply with new Android mobile search guidelines and achieve top MOBILE search rankings.

Google mobile charges a development fee of $395 to upgrade your business presence online to capture top geographic rankings in GOOGLE MOBILE search.

Despite the fact about 80% of searches are now done on mobile devices. We’re finding most businesses do not meet the standards that are required by Google in content, responsive design and mobile app call-to-action tools. About 65% of websites are not showing up in mobile Internet search engines says James Dean @ 

Below are a few mobile web development tips from a recent presentation that mobile web engineer, James Dean used to upgrade a local Nashville Tennessee business site.

mobile web site-page-004

mobile web site-page-007

mobile web site-page-008

mobile web site-page-009

mobile web site-page-010

mobile web site-page-013

mobile web site-page-014

mobile web site-page-015

mobile web site-page-016

mobile web site-page-019

mobile web site-page-020

mobile web site-page-021

mobile web site-page-022

mobile web site-page-023

mobile web site-page-026

mobile web site-page-027

mobile web site-page-028

mobile web site-page-029

mobile web site-page-030

mobile web site-page-033

mobile web site-page-034

mobile web site-page-035

mobile web site-page-036

mobile web site-page-037mobile web site-page-038

mobile web site-page-039

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