Startup Capital for Business

Finding startup capital for business in the age of crowd sourcing and social media networks is a whole lot easier than in previous times reported

Raising seed money for your new business or cause will benefit from a detailed mobile web presentation that busy smart phone and tablet executives can review online. Think big, make your startup a game changer. Nothing is impossible, be an industry leader.

Capital sources can be wealthy family members or angel investors. Venture capital firms with resources can help. Social network friends that have connections. Review crowdfunding and micro lending sites like and for startup capital says James Dean @ Small business bank loans should be a last option. Don’t get into debt. Remember just 1 in 10 startups last beyond three years.

Make sure your financial information is well researched, based on accurate profit margin data and production cost of goods. Have an in-depth study of the competition included in the business plan. What did the competition do correctly. And what areas for the industry can be upgraded for better returns-on-investment. Be sure to locate your startup business in a tax friendly environment hub like Nashville Tennessee USA.  

Recruit self-motivated, smart people to your startup company. Experience can be a benefit, although employees that think-outside-the-box are a big plus in the digital economy.

Each team member in your startup organization should have a defined role with significant experience in their niche i.e. accounting, business development sales, mobile app e-commerce programming.

Build a startup business that’s nimble, able to move quickly producing high quality results that add value to customers. The digital economy moves literally at light speed through fiber optic networks, so employ people who manage their time effectively.

Time your startup launch surrounding news worthy events and make sure everyone on Facebook and Twitter get the social media story. If there’s no true passion, it will never work. Accept criticism and learn from mistakes to achieve great success !

Create a unique DNA identity within the startup culture. Work hard and play hard. Embed team building events and activities outside the daily work experience. Make the startup experience fun and build enthusiasm for each person.

Recognize accomplishments at every level, even down to the janitor. Given your employees within the startup a sense of ownership in the business says James Dean @

Design a solid plan that’s detailed in financial and marketing analysis. Measure defining goals like sales and customer satisfaction to grow the business. Continious innovation through on-going training and education is a critical component of any startup business.

Automate in the production process ways to gain real-time snapshots of inventory, financial metrics, mobile web analytics etc.

You should be able to manage the entire startup business from a smart phone, tablet and laptop from any location using mobile applications.

Targeted projects may require outside principle consultants with decades of experience so your startup gets it right at relatively low costs. Don’t meddle through a project wasting time and money if your resources are inadequate to achieve high quality results … outsource if necessary.

Beta test everything, frequently. Construct systems that enable feedback from the marketplace. Drive customers to respond with better call-to-action rewards.


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