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digital musicMusic Nashville Media offers community based mobile Internet marketing and music – video production services for musicians, singers, song writers, web TV actors and retail fashion models. It’s a working partnership, your input is valuable to success.
“The growing popularity of digital music streaming, with revenue from services like Music Nashville Media jumped 40% to $1.57 billion for MOBILE smart phone and tablet users reports
With over 25-years of digital media experience, James Dean leads the team, discovering talent within the Nashville community in order to help bring their message to the world and grow sales online. Video is a highly effective tool for promotion in social networks.

James Dean 2014“We realize undiscovered music talent generally has limited resources. So we’ve created a affordable service to brand musicians in the digital music and video entertainment industry.

We look for input from the musician. Thinking outside-the-box often results in the best solution. Our initial goal is to sell 2,000 digital music units per month to generate income for the each artist. We also assist with booking gigs in Nashville says Mr. Dean”.  

Social media content and Internet advertising are targeted to engage mobile users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This builds your brand ‘customer loyalty’ and opens-up repeat sales online. 

How Does it all Work? 

Step 1 – We setup your music web Store, Apple iTunes, Google Play Android  and social media pages (our service $495 affordable flat rate). The initial setup takes about one week to program the e-commerce sites and prepare for your online music sales. We also create online video to build your music sales. 

Johnny Winter _ The Official Johnny Winter Site-page-001miley cyrus

Step 2 – We manage your online sales, run web ads and you earn 80% of the proceeds. Our advertising fee is 20% of sales for promotion and marketing your brand to smart phone, tablet and wearable technology users. 

itunesamazon** After initial setup, there are no out-of-pocket costs. We take only a percentage of sales produced. 

Although, we can not guarantee that consumers will respond. Our experience in picking talent and grow INTERNATIONAL sales most often gets us to 2,500 downloads per month which is a nice foundation to build upon for a new artist.  Web unit prices range $9.95 album, .99 cents/song and $19.95 Box Set (MP3/MP4/WAV)

retail music web site

Music Entertainment mobile app
Music Entertainment mobile app

Step 3 – We promote your music for U.S. radio station play. Checkout Radio U.S. Stations that we work with on a regular basis – CLICK HERE. Promotional events will also be held at local book stores, clubs and public appearance venues in Nashville middle Tennessee. 

Step 4 – We help you maximize your brand for better merchandising opportunities with corporate sponsorship and business partners. For example, launching a line of fashion apparel with your brand logo. Mobile apps gaming is also a big revenue generator that may expand your brand. Web TV episodes and commercial ads and endorsements are lucrative.

Learn more about Mobile apps … 

To discuss your Music Projects Call 615-420-5153  

We are based out of Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 

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