Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads announced it’s findings on click through rates (CTR) for Facebook ads versus advertising on Google. Overall, Facebook has the added benefit of building a social network of loyal customers that may result in sustainable local business.

In the study, web analytics found that ads displayed on the side of Facebook pages have a 1.2% CTR (click through rate) while ads appearing in the Google news feed was .07%. Google ads average a 1.8% CTR for the top four ads, while the top ranking hit 4.4% CTR on-average.  The Internet advertising study concluded that video has become an important part of creating a mobile advertising campaign. Text message digital coupons were also very effective for better sales. READ MORE …

social media platformsAlthough, the ROI (return on investment) varies depending on your target market profile setting such as demographics, interest and ad schedule. In highly competitive markets like web design and mobile apps, Google Adwords can cost over $8 per click which outpaces most small business advertising budgets. So setting a daily budget using Google Adwords is important to control costs. Organic news feed content ads work best.

Facebook ad ROI is often a better deal for small business owners such as the “boost posts” app; a social media content marketing strategy that results in more business. recommends businesses use a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that includes Facebook, Yahoo Gemini and Google Adwords for Video which has a much better ROI than text Adwords.

Increasingly, consumers are perform search applications within the MOBILE social network and buy products using smart phones, tablets and wearable technology.

mobile users

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