Twitter Streaming Video App REAL TIME Call to Action has released its LIVE STREAMING VIDEO APP marketing solutions based on TWITTER PERISCOPE technology that pushes news, entertainment and CRM social networking updates to user on smart phones and tablets. The mobile Internet marketing package by enables companies posted tweets text, video and images to gain Google SEO.

Last month, Google inked a deal with Twitter to begin opening up the “firehose” so now video tweets, SMS text and social media content are streamed directly onto Android mobile search engine results. People searching with smart phone and tablets on Google will see posted tweets as a result.

periscope twitterThe ability to stream LIVE video and video conference in REAL TIME on your social network changes the way businesses can interact with new and existing customers says James Dean @ Google is working on the ability to make real time user VIDEO conversations available in Android mobile search results with geo-targeted analytics i.e. REAL TIME WEB SALES.

The beauty about TWEETS is that they are connected to the GOOGLE search engine app. Your tweets will begin to show-up in Google searches and geo-location based map inquiries says Mr. Dean @  READ ABOUT GEOGFENCING …

Video provides your brand or service to grab attention leading to a 75% better call to action purchase decision. Producing HDTV 1080p video images can be done at low-cost now. It’s really the audio quality which is the wild card issue says Mr. Dean. Video clips should be short while streaming LIVE video is designed to create a conversation with the customer and/or group dialing into the session.

twitter periscopeWe help businesses produce a variety of affordable web video marketing spots that improve their reach and brand awareness. The cost to produce a mobile video is relatively inexpensive, streaming it with Twitter Periscope mobile app tools is very effective at geo-targeting new customers particularly those using Apple iPhones and iPads reports 

video real estate why its valuable

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