B2B Sales Application

Deploying a successful B2B sales platform involves several touch points but most importantly to gain customer loyalty your business must add value beyond just satisfying a narrow solution.

Approach your B2B client as a valued “partner”. Help them grow their business by providing innovative tools. Learn how to convert new B2B leads into sales within 60-days reports iHumanMedia.com. 

For example, create a mobile app that allows the B2B client the ability to track orders, automate restocking of inventory and get answers to technical questions from your people. MOBILE APPS … 

Better. Faster. Easier. Are the keys to greater B2B sales according to iHumanMedia.com. 

Build more B2B client relationship through personal touch points not cookie cutter solutions. Each B2B customer wants something fresh and innovative to set their company apart from the competition.

Find the right people within your organization that B2B clients can trust. Knowledgeable sales reps should present themselves well. Each rep should be cross trained to have a solid understanding of the hands-on work involved in creating the product or service that they are selling B2B. This detailed knowledge helps to identify your organization as a more valuable resource than most competitors.

For example, Gordon Food Service (GFS) is a food distributor that goes well beyond its purpose to help business working in the food-service industry. The Gordon Food Service website offers restaurant owners the ability to create menu planners, cost calculators, a staff scheduler, and much more.

By investing in technology designed to help clients effectively run their business, GFS competes with some very formidable businesses. Create a better B2B client experience ! Try Google mobile sites … 

3 Big Ways Top B2B Companies Retain More Customers: Great Example of Creating Helpful User Tools

Continuous education and training for your sales staff is one of the most important ways to grow your B2B deals. Create a sales pipeline system that keeps the conversation flowing on a regular basis for prospects and legacy clients. Engage B2B clients in new venues like playing a game of golf.

Meet at a local coffee shops and call leads at least once a month to update the them on the latest solutions and price deals available is a sound way to close more sales. Remember B2B sales partners can be one of your best sources of market driven information.

Mobile app technology on smart phones, tablets and wearable devices can reduce costs and streamline the B2B sales paradigm. Get tech savvy, create momentum in social media networks like Facebook, Google and Yahoo; where 45% of purchase decisions are taking place – iHumanMedia.com.

B2B Lead to Sale

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