Ecommerce Mobile App Campaigns

Develop a mobile app, so your business can tap into its existing audience. A mobile app can offer a better, more personal customer experience. You spend a lot of time driving web traffic to your site, creating email and print design campaigns with 4% response, maybe, Facebook LIKES, and Twitter followers. Now’s the time to increase sales with YOUR NEW MOBILE APP says James Dean @ Reaching consumers on their smartphone garners 95% open rates, and opens up new sales opportunities. Sample Apps … 

Mobile Internet app users can instantly drive 35% better sales and BOOST social network membership on Facebook, Google and Pinterest. Don’t just encourage users to share your app – create incentives that make it a bonus reward. Taco Bell is doing just that right now – giving a free Doritos Locos taco to customers who download and order food using their new mobile APP. Papa John’s has a great app !

Leverage your existing business infrastructure. Walk a day in your prospective app user’s shoes. Do they interact with you on a face-to-face basis? Transform your brick-and-mortar locations into promotional hubs for your mobile app. And don’t just rely on signage; train your reps to share your app’s value as they interact with customers. One of the reasons I’m considering purchasing a NISSAN LEAF EV manufactured in Smyrna Tennessee is that the salesperson at Newton Nissan showed me how its app could start my engine on cold, winter days.

Optimize your digital media and social advertising. If you’re serious about mobile app success, then embrace a paid media strategy that delivers downloads and usage. Using content marketing and social media advertising is the logical place to start, so you can target individuals by geography, behavior, and interest areas. Paid search makes sense where your app lends itself to established, cost-effective keywords, and banner ads may even make sense where you can reach desired audiences. Exhaust your digital advertising channels because they’re the ones where users are just a click away from conversion.

Learn about PUSH message SMS text marketing. Develop a channel for ongoing app usage that enables you to communicate with customers even when the mobile app is closed. Push messaging, email, and text messaging all provide means of communication external to your app; however, each also requires explicit permission from the user. recommends that you secure permission from the customer upon initial download and have a communications plan in place that boosts engagement through meaningful content sent at a frequency considered reasonable, maybe once per week.

cropped-mobile-business-web-site.jpgEngage more customers with rewards such as digital coupons. Create a balanced variety of local news, infotainment and rewards to benefit your mobile app users. Gaming apps are a great way to keep people engaged and coming back for more on their smartphone or tablet mobile Internet devices. For example, 7-Eleven is creating engagement with its Go For 2 campaign where mobile app users can scan two purchased items for a chance to win tickets to “The Big Game” and more. MAPCO, a regional full-service gas station, just did a SMS pushing a free drink coupon. Remember get creative with your innovation to boost app usage and customer loyalty – find ways to stand out from the 1.5 million apps competition for attention today.

Take mobile users on a personalized journey … don’t just take up space on a phone or tablet. For example, when a customer support case is closed in the app, it can trigger a request for the customer to rate the service experience. Testimonials look great on social media networks. If the consumer rates the customer experience above a certain score, it can prompt them to leave a review on the company’s website or on Facebook, where they then earn more loyalty points or other rewards for leaving the review.

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