SMARTER smartphone Drives Consumers to Google Project Fi mobile app programmers have begun testing with Google’s new “Project Fi” dual network 4G smartphones. Think of it as, a SMARTER, smart phone says James Dean @ We’re improving the customer experience on a mobile device capable of making point of sale payment that accelerates business and social media infotainment ads.

Over 70% of people begin to make purchase decisions within their social network like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on a mobile Internet connection. Users are watching 4.5 Billion videos per day now. Video is the most powerful app, as a mobile call-to-action.

The new Google Fi, Nexus 6 platform seamlessly searches for the highest quality, fastest connection based on your location. So if you’re in downtown Nashville Music City, for example, your Google Fi smarter-phone or wearable device may decide to connect to the network using a local WiFi or maybe Verizon vs AT&T. The choice to manage your data rates and power consumption are no longer dictated by a single telecom carrier using Google Fi says Mr. Dean. It will even pickup networks in your automobile and home, if available. Checkout the VIDEO review of Google Fi, Nexus 6 smartphone ! 

Tap into a network of networks with Google Fi, Nexus 6

Networks change in quality as you move around. To help you get the highest-quality connection at your location, Project Fi uses new technology to intelligently connect you to the fastest network whether it’s Wi-Fi or one of our partner LTE networks. Your data communications are encrypted 24/7 using Google Fi, so don’t sweat it !

Get access to two 4G LTE networks

Traditionally, phones only connect to one network’s towers. With Project Fi, your phone can access the best of two 4G LTE networks so you can connect to more towers and get fast speed in more places.

Connect to better Wi-Fi

There are lots of Wi-Fi hotspots out there but not all of them are high-quality. Project Fi automatically connects you to more than a million free, open Wi-Fi hotspots we’ve verified as fast and reliable. This technology helps keep your speed high and your data bill low—whenever you’re on Wi-Fi, you’re not charged for data usage.

Calls transition seamlessly between Wi-Fi and cell networks

If you start a call over Wi-Fi and walk outside, Project Fi detects when your signal becomes weak and seamlessly moves your call over to a cell network to keep the conversation going.

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