Point of Sale : The Art of Asking

text rewards kiosk  - EditedBeyond all the professional sales acumen like reading body language, better appearance and schmoozing; one key to any presentation is the art of asking for the sale. To often, simply asking for a sale is an overlooked step. Its amazing, how many times people after researching their needs have decided to just go with it and purchase the item.

Think of the “Point of Sale” in your retail shop, health care center, automobile dealership and real estate open house; as a unique customer touch-point to ask for the sale. You could do it by approaching the customer directly, but it might be perceived as too forceful.

Alternatively, you could provide a non-intrusive (POS) mobile point of sale system such as the iHumanMedia.com POS platform. The new POS system has easy to use credit cards swiping and smart phone mobile payment apps.

A mobile POS system is a great way to enable people to research at their own pace and connect through social networks in your location says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. It’s non-threatening and reduces overhead costs. By automating the customer experience, you’re better able to quickly measure return on investment.

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