Enterprise Windows 10

IT business networks provide a critical platform for your enterprise. But it must provide optimal security, interactive human capabilities and mobile workforce apps that meet today’s on-the-go demands. And Windows 10 does all of these pretty well says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. It’s been awhile but Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, VP of Operating Systems Group has begun to get it right in Windows 10. The navigation is logical and familiar in Windows 10 offering useful, intelligent tools like Cortana voice assistance, Microsoft Edge interactive content editor and HELLO facial recognition security that saves us all lot’s of time trying to remember a million different password combinations. Watch Windows 10 VIDEO review below !

Keep in mind, Microsoft has a 67% desktop PC OS market share worldwide. Although, the PC market is declining with the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and wearable technology like Google Glass for Business. But people still use a combination of digital devices on a daily basis. I’m a big fan of GOOGLE applications, but enterprise Windows 10 is rather intriguing says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Windows 10 is a work in-progress, its a vast improvement over 8.


Microsoft Edge has a “read” app that enables users to customize the way the want to view research and news content. For example, advertising that clutters the web page can be minimized so that you can concentrate on digesting the information by itself. Easy to use freehand tools with Microsoft Edge allow you to write text on the browser screen and share the notes with your social network Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. A creative touchscreen application for educators.

Microsoft apps are convenient to sync your smartphone and tablet cloud of photos, mail, video, news, maps and music selections. Touchscreen mobile Windows Office 10 is responsive using Excel, Word and Outlook programs on any device.

Windows 10

Social media gaming is now a standard component of your Windows 10 experience says Mr. Dean. XBox game networks are fun and provide a unique mobile platform for advertisers to reach Millennials, a fast growing consumer market (15% annual revenue growth rate). The wireless home network capabilities of Windows 10 are a great alternative to expensive cable TV entertainment. In many ways, Microsoft has repositioned itself as a content creation and mobile cloud system adds Mr. Dean.