Effects of Donald Trump Presidency 2016 America

Donald Trump is a master at finding solutions. Trump’s ability to connect with individuals on a personal level even while speaking to large crowds is a powerful skill. Even, The Donald’s flamboyant hair styles make him the topic of discussion, often the buzz in social media news.

So, if Donald Trumps elected President in 2016, he will absolutely change the conversation in Washington DC. Trump’s enthusiasm for SMARTER MANAGEMENT is exactly what America needs says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. 


Think of Trump as a leadership EVOLUTION of sorts. OK, so maybe you don’t agree with all Trump’s positions, but there is no doubt that his charismatic leadership commands respect worldwide. By changing the attitude in our country, we begin to restore the people’s faith in the American dream.Trumpology

President Donald Trump will command respect for America, truly making us GREAT AGAIN !

Donald Trumps pragmatic workman like approach is based on a clear understanding of the challenges and facts, in every case. Preparation involving high quality implementation was the basis for the entire show “The Apprentice”. Its his mantra !

From a business standpoint, Mr. Trumps knowledge and experience re-energizes job creation and manufacturing for the working class people of America. By implementing a lower 15% tax on individual, corporate and investment gains, Trump makes the U.S. competitive again. Currently, businesses are fleeing America to reduce operating costs and gain better returns. The pharmaceutical companies leaving now are just the tip of the iceberg. For example, auto manufacturers like General Motors and Ford are also spending BILLIONS to construct new facilities in places like INDIA, CHINA and MEXICO.

u.s. tax rates

Health care costs under OBAMA have jumped 5.3% on-average per year in America. Currently, there’s nothing “AFFORDABLE” about health care in the United States. Small business owners and families throughout America are getting clobbered with skyrocketing health care costs that is hurting job growth. Donald Trump has stated his commitment to small business owners and families to modify the policy on healthcare, making it truly more affordable and removing mandates.

Trump’s foreign policy follows a plan to implement “tariffs” on imported goods to America. He’s stated that a 25% to 35% import tax would drive investment by companies to set up domestic manufacturing and production in the United States; thus creating millions of new jobs.

12341618_1118260421540203_9022505627135557764_nTaxable investments like dividend, real estate and inheritance affect retiring seniors and young workers that spend their entire lives trying to build a nest egg for their family. Donald Trump calls for the elimination of “double taxation” policies.

Reducing the cost of government in Washington DC is a Trump Presidency priority. And making government work more efficiently for the people. Trumps focused on reducing the national debt, tapping America’s vast energy reserves such as natural gas, oil and rebuilding U.S. infrastructure. All key components to Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again.

Foreign policy concerns for the next 25-years, we foresee an unsettled world as China looms on the horizon, Middle East civil wars and Latin America continues to dump costly immigrants into our cities. Trump takes a FIRM stand on foreign policy believing a strengthened military capable of defending “Asymmetric Warfare”  threats in multiple theatres is germane to protecting the American people.Terrorism and cyber attacks are a real national security threat that must be stopped at any cost.

Pride in America is often tough to come by these days with so many different special interests eating away at the fabric of working class families that aspire to earn the American Dream. Trump brings a sense of urgency if elected President to Washington DC delivering a message to politicians that “business as usual” is over.

donald trumpNo lobbyist will be able to buy favors from Donald Trump administration. He’s a billionaire worth almost $10 Billion. He will hire smart people with integrity. It’s believable that Trump’s running to “save his country” as he stated. Credibility is the foundation to every successful businessman, so Trump has that as well.

I recall Ronald Reagan, a former Hollywood actor that became President. So, Donald Trump, a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business will likely produce an exciting 2016 Presidential Election with many interesting twists and turns. Trump’s over qualified for the White House by any measure, if we compare him to other great Presidents.

A smart Vice Presidential choice for Donald Trump could be Marco Rubio. Together, they would make a dynamic team, drawing young voters and Hispanics to the ticket. Rubio is the 44-year old superstar, Senator from Florida. He’s from a working class family that makes a lot of sense for most Americans. Marco Rubio’s tempered style and youthful appearance would work nicely to offset Trump’s forceful demeanor and age factor.

In the upcoming 2016 election underlying, all the hoopla is the sobering fact that America is under duress. Each voter must ask themselves, whom do you TRUST to get the job done in securing the future of our country?

And without a doubt, Donald Trump has a long track record of solving problems and delivering solutions; all valuable qualities that are currently non-existent in Washington DC writes author, James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.