Social Media Content Marketing Solution $295 per Month

Content marketing in social media channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are now a primary resource to increase your business sales and reach more customers. is a leader now of business content marketing and online video production in social networks. A comprehensive content marketing solution is very effective.

social media content marketingThe return on investment in social media marketing is effective, on-average increasing sales 25% to 45% annually.

75% of businesses are now using social media content marketing for reaching new customers and business objectives

65% of business owners now integrate social media advertising into their business marketing plans social media marketing creators drive customers with unique video news, copy writing stories, SEO images and advertising posts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. You’re Content marketing and MOBILE Internet solution.

A Social Media Marketing Package includes 30 SEARCH NETWORK OPTIMIZED STORIES of YOUR BUSINESS for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo and 25 media networks. We also verify your business on Google MAPS for better SEO ranking. We create and promote your ads in Facebook, Google and Twitter. And finally, we produce a 30 second YOUTUBE video clip of your business. Video and photo images create a powerful call-to-action with unique presentation. The combination of social media marketing, advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter and online video YouTube; gives your business a PUSH towards an instant sales effective. Rate $295/month (VISA/AMEX/PAYPAL accepted).

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