Video Marketing Facebook

Facebook social media marketing can be effective when using video posts to enhance your friends network reports Online video advertising posts deliver a 75% greater call to action by consumers leading to purchase. Checkout video production services … 

Get more from your video ads

facebook video analytic

Right now you share videos linked from other websites. You can get more views, likes and shares by uploading them directly to Facebook. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook perform better than videos linked from other websites.
  • 30% higher play rate
  • 5.5 x lower cost per video play
  • up to 11 x larger images in News Feed

To create a video ad on Facebook:

Step 1: From your Page, click the arrow on the top right corner and choose Create Ads. Then select Video Views.
Tip: Videos upload best when you’re using the latest version of your browser and have a strong internet connection.
Step 2: Set your target, budget and schedule. Select interests, behaviors, location, age and gender of the audience you want to reach. Then set your daily budget and schedule.
Tip: Videos need to be less than 45 minutes long and smaller than 1.75 GB.
Step 3: Choose your video and add text. Upload a new video or use one from your library. Select a thumbnail image, then include clear and simple messaging to get people interested in your video.
Tip: Make sure your video is in a supported format. We recommend MP4 or MOV says