Google’s Future Alphabet : The Journey Ahead

It’s official, Google is now a subsidiary of Alphabet, the new holding company. Talking with insiders at Google, I expect at least seven technology acquisitions by Google – Alphabet within the next three says James Dean @ 

Innovation is the driving force that propels the strength of Google’s ubiquitous vision of technology to add value for people worldwide. Mobile devices such as the smart phone, tablet and wearable watches are only the beginning says Mr. Dean.

But new products from Alphabet – Google will goes far beyond just search engine and online video apps. The key areas of global investment and acquisition for Alphabet include the following;

Health Care and Medical Applications

Home and Work Space Automation

Edutainment, Fashion and Gaming Social Networks

Vehicle Automobiles and Industrial Automation

Robots and Nanotechnologies

U.S. National Defense Technology

Public space sensors, 360 degree interactive environments