Donald Trump’s China U.S. Economic Reset

China presents an opportunity to reach over 450 million middle class workers earning the equivalent of about $35,000 per year says James Dean @ But with recent downturns in manufacturing, we’ve reached a dangerous tipping point that could unwind the economic privatization policies that have propelled China towards greater democracy and prosperity for their people. Any dealings with China should be approached as strictly business and not as “ally” adds Mr. Dean. The potential of China to slip back into a strictly government controlled economy coupled with its very powerful military should be avoided at all costs. If a China setback were to occur, the internal Chinese civil unrest could unravel the world financial markets pushing us back into a severe global recession. But Donald Trump is smart of course realizing this delicate economic balance that exists. So while Europe trends water financially, a Trump lead Chinese U.S. political and economic SUMMIT makes sense. Trump will HIRE smart people to produce the economic trade solution.

There’s no better candidate running as President than Donald Trump to RESET, China / U.S. relations leading to a sustainable economic trade agreement that benefits both nations. Such an agreement driven by tough negotiation from a Trump administration could pump millions of new jobs into U.S. economy while helping the Chinese adjust their path to economic leadership worldwide says Mr. Dean. Having personally dealt with the Chinese business people, I have great respect for their hard work ethic, attention to detail and eagerness to succeed. The Chinese are good people, but the U.S. trade relations with China is currently hurting both countries, so a Trump led coalition to renegotiate a smarter economic strategy is desperately needed.

Ultimately, President Donald Trump and his team of smart business minded negotiators could produce a solution to create explosive economic growth for decades delivering millions of jobs to both the people of China and Americans commented Mr. Dean. Mr. Trump has lots of experience and great instincts understanding business in every detail, particularly real estate, the backbone of China and U.S. financial investment planning, in many respects added Mr. James Dean @ 

One of the keys to success when dealing with China is to emphasis the shared issues among young people such as unemployment. There are much more similarities between the young people in the United States and China, now than differences. Any future economic trade negotiations should include a contingent group of young Chinese and Americans.

By finding SMARTER answers to the looming China U.S. relations challenge, Donald Trump could produce decades of prosperity for both nations. It’s a true WIN / WIN that benefits hundreds of millions of people and solidifies peace worldwide. The U.S. might also gain insight from China to improve America’s failed public education system.