Donald Trump Wins Google Facebook Search Election announces Donald Trump wins GOOGLE search election with 823,000 organic queries per month. Data for social network users on FACEBOOK shows Trump clobbering every other candidate, grabbing the top spot with over 7 million social searches per month. Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest show Trump is the political leader, among younger voters. But rallying the 75 million Millennial voters is still a key political challenge, Trump must address to win by connecting with young voters like daughter, Ivanka, Donald Trump, Jr. and celeb friends in Hollywood reported James Dean @

Insiders tell that Donald Trump is vetting potential Vice Presidential running mates including 44-year old Senator Marco Rubio, conservative actor Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods), and Ohio Governor, John Kasich. Ohio is a key swing state in the U.S. Presidential election. Governor, Kasich maintains a 65% approval rating by voters in Ohio. He also took Ohio from an eight billion deficit to $2 Billion surplus. John Kasich is generally viewed as an outside the beltway, leader. Locking-up Ohio plus Iowa and New Hampshire ensures a TRUMP win. NOTE : Clinton still remains popular with Millennials.

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Google Analytic Report – Trump Wins Search Election

Although, the Millennial vote is still a big question mark for Donald Trump. He plans to address, the U.S. $1 Trillion student debt challenge with a comprehensive solution (Review CNBC Student Debt Report).

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Review below the FACEBOOK insights by for Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

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Facebook 60% that use MOBILE devices to LIKE Trump … Apple iPhone / iPad users dominate Trump’s Facebook
Trump Facebook by Gender
Trump Facebook by Gender
Trump Facebook by Gender
Trump Facebook by Gender
Trump Facebook by Income
Trump Facebook by Household Income Status