Facebook Blog Google SEO Web Channel Applications

Think of a BLOG, as your business media channel enabling you to broadcast your unique message, online video, written content thoughts, ideas and passion says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. By combining your web site, Home Pages with your blog content and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter; it solidifies your business as the industry leader. Whether it’s a short code TWEET, Facebook photo posting, Instagram or YouTube video clip; digital media works !

Sharing your organizations unique knowledge and expertise in a well crafted BLOG, leads to Internet sales and a better customer experience. Creative organic media such as a web video or detailed “How to” article provides excellent search engine optimization in Google adds Mr. Dean. Although, blogging can be time consuming, the results are often empowering for both the customer and the business owner. A researching topics, preparing and writing a blog is a great way to spark new ideas. High impact BLOGS are a great way to engage new leads and interested friends that may need your business.

iHumanMedia.com offers complete Facebook Blog Google SEO Web Channel Twitter Solution for just $295 per month. The package includes NEW content articles, online video and Facebook posts embedded into your custom blog media channel. Each week you will discuss with our content marketing specialist topics to add value to your customers like Lawn Mower Repair or Nursing etc. Our experiences digital media producers then create a unique blog posting and broadcast it worldwide. You don’t have to spend time creating the digital media content; WE DO IT FOR YOU EVERYDAY ! Do you need a BETTER BLOG, CALL 615-420-5153