TRUMP Shines at GOP Debate : Marco Rubio De facto VP Running Mate

Donald Trump did a great job at listening to new ideas, pushing forth a clear vision and facilitating genuine discussion at last nights GOP debate. Among the field of standouts was Marco Rubio, Christ Christie and Carly Fiorina; all solid Vice Presidential options added James Dean @ Trump was clear and decisive with his answers while considerate to others. Christ Christie’s record in New Jersey isn’t so stellar while Fiorina came off as hostile many times with a failed business history at Hewlett-Packard, comments technology guru Mr. Dean. Just yesterday, HP announced more than 30,000 layoffs.

Trump conceded his need to recruit a strong VP like (44-year old) Sen. Marco Rubio that can hit the ground running in foreign policy matters. Rubio also brings the Latino and young voter support. Marco Rubio was very precise in this answer with a clear understanding of a variety of important topics discussed such as immigration, tax reform, military buildup and new job creation.

PS – Jeb Bush cemented image that he’s a “nice guy” but certainly not the strong leader America needs to solve issues.