Facebook Social Marketing Secrets

Social media marketing accounts for about 55% of sales improvement, on-average for a business says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are top social media platforms to drive better says according to our content marketing teams here at iHumanMedia.com. NOTE : Using VIDEO to engage a wider audience is very effective.

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Here’s a few “Facebook Social Marketing Secrets” that engage more people … 

Link your personal profile page to your business fan page

Link your business fan page to you business website or blog … CLICK READ MORE 

Create custom tabs on your fan page to share training sessions, webinars, lists and social media links including video news

Complete your About page in Facebook and develop mobile app, single click for mart phone and tablet

Create a ROCK’IN cover photo which clear states what your business offers

Login your fan page daily, post new comments, news, photos and video

80/20 Rule – make your posts 80% value added information with 20% business content to drive potential sale

Consistent posts better engage your audience, workout a regular posting schedule … consistency matters

Interact with you friends and fans. Respond to questions or comments, be constructive and build loyalty

Create original content, as much as possible. Make your news and message UNIQUE !!