Boost Your Mortgage Equity Business – A review of the typical mortgage loan officer, and solutions too generate qualified leads.

CASE STUDY : After review of your mortgage business online. We’re showing about 32 unique visitors to your mortgage company website per day. Our solution listed below will generate about 125 + new leads per month. We analyze the data in real-time 24/7 to make adjustments that ensure better results.

— Review your current web analytic 
— Review of current web analytic keyword data 
Here’s our proposal to engage more FHA  & Conventional mortgage loan applicants, targeted by age groups ie. 21 – 37 years old (now the fastest growing home buyer segment of the market). 

1) Paid mobile advertising campaigns in Facebook, Yahoo, BING (primary resources for home buyers). Google search optimization would be accomplished separately through ORGANIC article / video content created by us. This is due to the cost of paid ads on Google Adwords in your space “mortgage lending” is over $5.50 per click, much too high an expense for a small business owner.

2) Develop your Zillow mortgage lending presence 
3) Create a FACEBOOK page to post on-going LOCAL NASHVILLE news related to mortgage banking, interest rates, home buyers tips etc. We suggest building your Page network using content article blogs that are also posted to your dedicated website for ORGANIC GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION including online video clips and photo images. New home buyer recommendations LIKES also very effective. 
4) Develop your Instagram and Pinterest pages to engage 18 – 34 years old wanting to buy a home 
5) Program YouTube channel digital media – ONE clip per week of you (that’s four per month total, each video 1 1/2 minute) with mortgage offers, tips and back-links to your Facebook page and dedicated website. 

Your comprehensive digital media marketing solution can be implemented at $495 per month total cost.

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