Bill Gates Announces Eco-nomic Energy Solution

Bill Gates reveals next generation “traveling wave energy reactor”, so called TRW that produces little or no pollution by slow burning depleted uranium that could power America for centuries reports It’s a SMART solution ! 

Ultimately, the affordability of energy will come from clean electric power. When I look at the advantages of electric cars, buses and rail systems comments James Dean @; there’s no question fifth generation terrapower designs are one of the United States most valuable strategic innovations. It’s ready to power America for Centuries. The vast cost savings for people is tremendous. 

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Bill Gates

Among, progressive thinkers like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and T Boone Pickens; the petroleum i.e. oil play is a thing of the past. The remaining oil reserves on earth are closer to depletion now while new oil reserves lay very deep in the planet’s crust, rather expensive to reach. Learn more about TerraPower.

My next automobile purchase will be an electric car like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Spark EV. I’ve priced a Leaf at Newton Nissan of Gallatin Tennessee, coming off a two year lease with just 25,000 miles pre-owned at just $12,500 total CASH purchase price says Author, James Dean @

The EV battery pack comes with 8-year / 100,000 mile warranty. The cost to power the Nissan Leaf is about $65 per month. With a travel range of about 90 miles between charges. EV charging stations are throughout the U.S. – MAP

The electric car is a ZERO emissions mode of transportation that makes a lot of sense when you consider the average daily commute for a working class American is less than 50 miles say Mr. Dean. Why not save money, go electric!

“Today, about three out of four commuters spend 30 minutes or less on their daily one-way commute to work” (U.S. Dept. Transportation 2015). 

READ MORE ABOUT … the TWR can sustain this process indefinitely, generating heat and producing electricity.

The TWR offers additional benefits over today’s light water reactor (LWR) designs:

  • Provides up to a 50-fold gain in fuel efficiency, which means less fuel producing more electricity. Increased fuel efficiency also means less waste at the end of the reactor’s life.
  • Eliminates the need for reprocessing and significantly reduces and potentially eliminates the long-term need for enrichment plants. This reduces proliferation concerns and lowers the cost of the nuclear energy process.
  • Directly converts depleted uranium to usable fuel as it operates. As a result, this inexpensive but energy-rich fuel source could provide a global electricity supply that is, for all practical purposes, inexhaustible.

TerraPower is committed to the near-term deployment of TWR technology. We expect to see the first prototype plant constructed by the early 2020s, followed by global commercial deployment. Read about the details of our TWR design.


Design History of the Traveling Wave Reactor  

In 1958, Saveli Feinberg first thought of the traveling wave reactor concept. Read about how Feinberg’s idea became TerraPower’s TWR.

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