Entering Godmode : A Space Without Boundaries

iHumanMedia.com – Today, mankind has entered into an extraordinary journey that has opened the gates of awareness leading us into the notion that we are all creators “Ontological Engineers”. Each person capable of shaping both physical and mental states, even constructing new worlds and virtual realities. Even Microsoft Windows 10 features a hidden folder known as Godmode, as a backdoor to any OS.

“The ‘Godmode’ lies within each human being but is often left dormant. Fear is the condition that most often separates a genius from other people says author, James Dean. To achieve success and fulfillment, you must be fearless. Able to pursue your passion and ideas without limit, even in the face of criticism and accept failure.” 

Currently, our society is evolving from a population that grew-up on religion to one that hopes too trust and respects the awareness of our human similarities.

It’s an awakening of sorts facilitated by technology innovation in science, medicine, business and education. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn connect people instantly; enabling us to share knowledge for FREE. There is no filter control by government or corporations, so its a true breakthrough for ordinary people to access information, sort data and broadcast their message.

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