ProLife, A Story of Faith, Director James Dean recounts the true life story of his families harrowing decision, whether to give birth to a child after DNA tests find 98% chance of Turner’s Syndrome and near ZERO survival rate at birth. The devastating news, stopped us cold in our tracks. But their doctors, so they must be correct. Right! 

Like a sudden winter frost, the tragic medical diagnosis is like a wind chill that just grabs you by the throat and turns your stomach inside-out with a sickly feeling that leaves you short of breath. It’s like your frozen in place unable to move.

Ultimately, after several months of reflection, our decision was to accept whatever flaws may exist with the baby. But, the harrowing eight month pregnancy that unfolded was a test of FAITH, which we later named the baby.

During the initial four months of pregnancy we discussed with “medical experts” whether to have an abortion. Each morning, we awakened to the supposed certainty that our child would not survive. But, we could not bring ourselves to pull the trigger on aborting the fetus. We came to accept the baby would likely have Turner’s Syndrome and would not survive. A certainty or so it seemed.

Yet, as the pregnancy unfolded FATHER, James Dean, noticed inconsistencies such as the larger size of the baby fetus, no fluid sack typical of Turner’s and healthy heart canal images on the 3D / 4D Ultrasounds. Was there HOPE?


It was only towards, the end around the seventh month, we began to confirm that no symptoms of the disease could be detected. But, we were still on-edge.

Still, the DNA test claimed the baby had Turner’s Syndrome. It was a high risk pregnancy the entire eight months. Bi-weekly visits to the local Regional Hospital became the norm. Each visit the doctors revealed new complications.

Finally, we employed the team of Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. It was here that we came to believe that the baby might be healthy and the DNA test was wrong, ie. a false positive result.

In fact, Mr. Dean investigated and researched the chromosomal DNA test industry’s reliability finding its only accurate about 55% of the time and false readings are commonplace. The millions of parents out there getting these tests are not informed of the variations and inaccuracies of these tests that could influence their decision whether to give birth or abort the fetus early – mid way.

In our case, baby FAITH was delivered early at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia, the complication of dangerously, high blood pressure levels.

At birth, FAITH weighed 7 lbs 1 ounce, 20 inches long and completely healthy according to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. No sign of any defects.

Today, FAITH is almost eight weeks old. She’s rapidly maturing into a wonderful person with her own character traits, smiling and eating like no bodies business.

Faith One of the most interesting features I’ve noticed is the baby’s use of sign language or body language to communicate with us. FAITH’s awareness is quite advanced progressing daily by leaps and bounds.

Most importantly, parenting is a learning process for both baby and parents.

Everyday is a new experience, despite what the “medical experts” claimed during the pregnancy (98% certainty of non-survival and the 100% chance of defect, Turner’s Syndrome). So, it took quite a leap of FAITH and a lot of courage.  As it turned out, choosing not to get the abortion and embrace the precious gift of life regardless of the complications. Although, it was the SMARTEST and most wonderful CHOICE.

Each mother and father should make their own decision. But, if they choose to have an abortion, it should never be funded or subsidized by taxpayer money.

In my experience, the PRO-LIFE choice was the right decision, despite all the odds (98%) against. It required the acceptance of likely human defects and the belief in having FAITH. The hope that LIFE would prevail and it did. 

As it turned out, the Pro-Life choice resulted in a perfect, thriving individual says Mr. Dean. Sometimes people need to rely on their gut instinct, despite new technology advancements that make bold claims. Human life is innately unpredictable, often its just a combination of LUCK and SMART decisions.