Yahoo Google Content Search Engine Deal – BREAKING NEWS reports on Yahoo Google search engine agreement signed. Yahoo’s previous search deal with Microsoft BING is being terminated.

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The agreement Yahoo recently announced with Google gives Yahoo additional flexibility to choose among suppliers of search results and ads. Google search results and ads will complement Yahoo’s own Gemini search advertising as well as Yahoo’s long-standing partnership with Microsoft and the Bing Ad Network.  

Gemini is an affordable way to buy Yahoo search inventory and remains a core focus. Early adopters can take advantage of the still-growing marketplace to capture Yahoo-exclusive traffic serving Gemini ads. Yahoo also remains committed to on-going relationship with Microsoft and the Bing Ads platform.
Yahoo explained a few critical points:
How does it change the way I buy advertising from Yahoo? It doesn’t. You should continue to buy Gemini Ads from Yahoo and Bing Ads from Microsoft (or from Yahoo for those Bing Ads accounts that have not transitioned to Microsoft).
Will I buy Google search ads from Yahoo? No. You will continue to buy Google ads from Google. Those ads may then show on Yahoo’s properties in certain instances once the deal is implemented.

What does this mean for Yahoo Gemini? Yahoo’s continuing to serve more Gemini ads on Yahoo’s mobile and desktop search traffic and expects this to continue even they implement the agreement with Google. Yahoo intends to continue to invest in the Gemini advertising platform to create a first in class marketplace for both search and native ads. The goal is to provide a great user experience and a high quality search advertising ecosystem. 

NOTE : Google Panda may have updated again, maybe. But there is also a Zombie update that happened a few days ago. Google won’t confirm it because it might be core ranking algorithm related, Google said. Yahoo has a new deal with Google to use Google to power some of their search results. Some webmasters are noticing weird zombie like referrals from Google. A webmaster has a theory that Panda is updating at the same level of their crawl rate. Google said Penguin is still not ready for prime time. Google’s CEO said 40% of searches have app indexed results in their top five results. Facebook expanded Facebook Search to public posts. Google said many partial fetch notices can be ignored. Google said you don’t need to set a preferred domain when you have redirects in place. Google may have a new map spam hack in place. The Better Business Bureau has not followed their links. You can preview the new features in the Google Search App for Android sooner now. Local SEOs say it is now very hard to find duplicate listings in Google. Google shows sports scores in the wrong order. Google dropped Ok Google voice command in Chrome desktop.