11 Million Millennial Moms Shopping Habits – Analysis Insights 2015

millennial parentsiHumanMedia.com reports Millennial parents are a leading U.S. consumer group of 11 million families. Overall, about 80 million Millennials with 72% working.

Young Millennials in America include a growing Hispanics population ages 18 – 35 years that spend $1.2 Trillion annually on goods and services – Deloitte Study 2015

Millennial parents with college educations and advanced University degrees; are 75% more likely to be single family homeowners than any other demographic.

millennial technologyAbout 75% of Millennials rely on mobile Internet technology devices as part of their daily shopping, news and entertainment. Social media networking is their primary application on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and Tumblr.com.

Christmas shopping habits among various demographic groups like Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers; reveal that its the Millennials now that spend the most for Xmas at $307 per person vs baby boomers at $262 now on fixed incomes going into retirement.

Millennial ChristmasBy 2016, about 75 million baby boomers plan to retire on a fixed income says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. 

Clothes apparel, mobile devices and toys are the most popular retail purchases for Millennial families during holiday the season. Baby apparel is popular now.

Review Economic & Employment Facts on Millennials U.S. Census Study 2014 … 

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