Kevin Spacey Touts $8.9 Billion Alibaba One Day Shopathon Reaching 27 Million Smartphone Users reports e-commerce giant, Alibaba sold $8.9 Billion in a one day shopping festival, “annual shopathon” for online consumers. As China rebalances the economy for greater consumption and business privatization. Alibaba stated 1.7 million deliverymen, 400,000 vehicles and 200 airplanes will handle package delivery, everything from iPhones to underwear.

Hollywood stars like Kevin Spacey and Daniel Craig (James Bond) were on-hand to kickoff the shopping event for Alibaba with YouTube LIVE broadcasts.

Beating out handley, Alibaba recorded 27 million people were shopping on mobile Android / iOS smartphones, fueling 72% of early sales.

Economic data shows that China’s per capita disposable income rose 7.7% in the first nine months from a year earlier – after adjusting for inflation – outpacing the 6.9% rise in gross domestic product. Participation and spending by consumers is expected to increase this year, with clothing and footwear being the most popular category, according to a survey by Nielsen Holdings.

Many of the world’s most popular brands – including Apple, Nike, Lego – flood Alibaba’s websites with promotions and discounts reported