Mobile App Business Communication and Asset Intelligence helps business organizations leverage MOBILE networks that are secure and enable your workforce to share data such as photos, PDF docs and video clips without any messy hardwired cabling.

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No more office or home network wiring, nightmares. Now its easy to share using apps like Android ZAP developed by Motorola Mobility says author, James Dean. Still larger companies like ZEBRA asset intelligence apps, note below.  

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Legacy (IT) information technology on past networks like Windows required endless cabling. But new mobile app networks are a more efficient communications solution to share pics and video. Its the natural choice with 95% of  employees and consumers using a smartphone.

IT admin can better manage the cloud computing platform in a mobile business network. So, it reduces overhead maintenance costs for data networks making it easy to instantly share office data and applications.

Motorola leads the mobile share IT industry –

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Also checkout, Mobility Network Platforms like ZEBRA to manage mobile computers, tablets and peripherals, all from a single pane of glass. Whether you have ten devices in a single site or tens of thousands of devices around the world, MSP gives you central control regardless of device type, operating system, manufacturer or whether devices are inside the enterprise or out in the field. Big data provide REAL TIME information.

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Using ZEBRA choose automatic staging to get users up and running fast or use web-based enrollment to bring your entire device population under management and control. And, with easy-to-set policies that keep operating systems, firmware, applications and configurations up to date, day-to-day management and maintenance is almost effortless.

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