NASA Humanoid Robot to Automate MacDonald’s Business

Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence is already a realty that’s changing fast food chains, shopping apps and hospitals across America.

Fast food giants like MacDonald’s, Chili’s, Applebee’s and Panera Bread are installing self-serve kiosk that provide touch-screen customer service. Further, this technology evolution is about to explode into humanoid labor that’s deployed in stores to help serve customers better. Skilled machine maintenance and repair workers are needed, although it usually requires college level certification.

Although, DARPA first designed humanoid robots for military and space applications. We are now discovering the capabilities to transform business is tremendous. Even fast food retail chains are planning for robot customer services and cooking tasks.

Studies find that over 55% of all human labor could be eventually replaced with robots and automated machines – Author James Dean

On-average a business saves about 45% using automation versus human labor, annual costs and productivity efficiency solutions.

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